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Five Ways to Streamline Your Final Mile Delivery

Posted by NowlesNorman in News on June 30th, 2018

The advent of e-commerce and this so-called Internet-of-things era have stretched logistics and delivery to a new level. Customers are now becoming accustomed to receiving their packages on the same day. The first-mile shipping and last mile logistics have become the center focus of logistics industries as these industries are trying to live up with the customers’ expectations of delivery services that are personalized, efficient, fast and convenient for them.

Historically, it was nothing extraordinary for deliveries to take a few days to reach their destinations, but today’s logistic industries are striving to find new ways to achieve efficient and fast mile logistics in the shortest span of time possible.

Below are five ways businesses can streamline their final mile delivery:

1. Incorporate the Latest Technologies for Delivery Optimization

Technologies such as geo-navigation and even drones are now playing their part in delivering packages to the customers’ doorsteps more efficient and faster. GPS-based navigation systems have allowed delivery personnel to track the destinations easily, addressing the challenges of delivering to wrong addresses which were common issues before. Mobility has enabled customers to keep track of their package delivery real-time. Revolutionized communication platforms such as offline SMS and push notifications have helped establish a real-time bond between the customer and the shipping personnel.

Simply put, incorporating technology and automation can significantly optimize your final mile delivery, which translates into cost-savings in fuel expenses as well as better customer service and faster deliveries.

2. Establish Automatic Pick-ups and Drop-off Points in Strategic Locations

Having a network of pick-up and drop-off points spread in strategic locations can potentially help address most of the problem of failed or delayed deliveries.

3. Plan Ahead

During holidays and peak seasons, it is expected that retail and logistics businesses will encounter overwhelming demands. It would be a great idea to set your plans ahead for seasonal demands to make sure there is adequate manpower, ready your delivery vehicles and prepare your internal system and third-party consignment outlets to make sure that you meet the enormous demands from customers while maintaining smooth and efficient operations.

You may also create special scenario solutions like hiring additional temporary staff, alternative delivery vehicles and integrate on-demand last mile delivery services to help you fulfill your seasonal demands more easily.

3. Engaged Delivery Team and Staff to Address Customer Concerns

The last leg of the delivery is the most challenging part of the whole delivery process. Hence, the last mile delivery has become a make-or-break opportunity for logistics companies. Exceptional customer service is an important thing to consider. Be sure to enlist customer-oriented support teams. Delivery teams act as your brand ambassadors for the customers. At the same time, they serve as the customer’s communication channel should questions or concerns arise. Providing customers with personalized service, empathetic customer support, plus knowledgeable delivery teams will ultimately result in a higher quality experience for the customers.

4. Learn From History

Your history of data from routes, past deliveries, customer locations, and product requirements can help you assess which strategies are working and help you identify the areas where you need to improve.

For instance, you may take note of the particular time of the day when customers typically prefer the deliveries. Or, record routes where your drivers encountered lesser traffic than other routes. For last-mile deliveries, this information can usually make a lot of difference to improving future delivery experiences.

5. Improve Visibility and Customer Communication

Providing accurate delivery times and transparent communication with the customers can greatly improve the company relationship with the customers. It is important to orient your staff with the importance of communication with the customers. You can utilize communication technologies to enhance your customer communication system.

With last mile delivery rapidly evolving nowadays, both supply chain networks and logistic industries are doing their best to streamline their last mile deliveries to improve their quality of customer experience, reduce cost and overall, to optimize the last mile logistics.


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