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Last Mile Delivery and Logistics Solutions

Posted by NowlesNorman in News on June 30th, 2018

The transit of the goods from the transportation hub to its final destination, i.e the end customers is termed as last mile delivery. The rise in online orders has made it quite important. Delivering the goods to the right location in the shortest possible duration is the main aim of the [[last mile delivery logistics]]. There is an increase in the demand for integrated omnichannel retailing which have compelled the retailers to analyze the capabilities of the current transportation network and accordingly make the adjustments.

Last mile delivery and logistics solutions are of prime focus today because it is a main differentiator for the retailers. It is necessary for the retailers to provide exceptional service to their customers so that the brand loyalty can be build up in spite of the availability of many alternatives.UPS, FedEx, and USPS which are the traditional transportation methods are unable to successfully operate in all regions. But the last mile delivery alternatives provide the desired services to the customers by getting adapted to the continuously changing omnichannel retail environment. The goods reach the customers safely without getting damaged and also interaction is enabled with the consumers to inform them about the progress of events. This is important because consumers straight away reject a retailer that doesn't provide a better delivery service to them.

The behavioral change in the consumers owes to the advancements in the technology and automation. This is the reason why consumers have high expectations from the last mile delivery in e-commerce such as to get their order delivered fast, on-demand or on the same day. Besides this, they also expect to get updated on a real-time basis by getting live updates about their goods. This expectation is met by building GPS tracking into the apps which enable the customers with the option to alter their orders without any major effort. For example, if the order is to reach at a particular time on a day but the customer is not available at that point, then he can easily update it and get delivered on the next date suitable for him.

The last mile delivery is not an easy task and has many challenges which can be overcome by the use of the emerging technologies that can help the e-commerce retailers. It includes automation and the use of automated vehicles on land, air, and sea, the use of voice recognition, IoT device that can automatically detect the requirements of a customer and provide timely suggestions. Technological advancements can also be used for comprehending the needs of the customers. Besides this, altering the nearness of the fulfillment centers for major cities and enhancing the internal efficiency as well as warehouse layout can be quite beneficial.

Getting more number of loyal customers is the key to fetch a major chunk of the market share and ultimately become the market leader. And this can be possible only when the company understands the customers well and cater their demands instantly. This is the reason why people opt for e-commerce instead of traditional shops. They can be instantly delighted by shopping from their home and getting it delivered soon.


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