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Main Events of Jewish Photography and Videography

Posted by galaxymemories in Arts on June 29th, 2018

Jews have many events, festivals and occasions. They celebrate it as a community with sharing and receiving. Every festival has its own moral or ethical values and a beautiful history. The Jewish festivals are called YamimTovim. These include religious, cultural and national occasions. Some of the festivals of the Jewish culture are:

  • The Shabbat: This is celebrated on the seventh day of every week. This begins just before sunset. This day is marked by the lighting of candles also called the Shabbat candles, reading and recitation of religious texts and drinking wine. The termination of Shabbat is marked by Havdalah. This includes prayers and three special meals throughout the day. This day is considered the most important day on the Jewish calendar.
  • The New Month: The new month in Jewish language called Rosh Chodesh. It is not one of the major celebrations. But more like a regular ritual. It is followed on the last day of the month. One this day special prayers are said before the moon.
  • The Jewish New Year: The Jewish new year is called Rosh Hashanah. This is more like the judgment day or Remembrance Day for them. They believe that God will appear in the act of king and judges everyone on their deeds and prepares the fate for the next year. The Jewish culture believes that the foundation of the world was finished on this day.
  • Day of Atonement: The Day of Atonement is called Yom Kippur. This day is considered the holiest day of the year for the Jews. The idea of the day is to reunite and pray for forgiveness the committed sins. Food including water is prohibited. Some other things like new clothes, make up and jewelry, perfume, physical relations or bathing is also prohibited. These rules are formed in order to ensure that everyone is focused on God.

So, these are some of the very important days on the Jewish calendar, but not so much of photography is included in these occasions. These are rather simple and quite occasions. But still the biggest celebrations of Jews are waiting.  The biggest celebration in Jews is considered the weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvah.These celebrations and occasions include professional photographers and videographers.

Looking into the biggest Jewish celebrations:

As mentioned above the biggest celebrations in Jews are the weddings and Mitzvah. These occasions along with being the greatest celebrations, also reflects Jews traditions and culture, Jewish attire and dressing, Jewish photography, Jewish food and so much more.

  • The Jewish Wedding: A Jewish wedding is a series of interesting rituals and traditions. These include signing an agreement by the groom, drinking wine and even breaking a glass. These kinds of rituals are not seen everywhere. While in the other cultures the groom and the bride take vows, in Jews the groom signs a contract to the bride ensuring her safety and conjugal relations. The wedding is conducted in a wedding canopy called huppa. Religious recitations are done by the rabbi or minister, and the couple drinks from the same cup of wine. The wedding terminates with the groom breaking a piece of glass with his foot. And finally, the couple is left alone for around twenty minutes. So, where the traditions are so amazing and interesting photography and videography is must to capture every ritual being followed.
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah: This is another occasion for Jewish event photography. This occasion marks the adulthood of the Jewish children, where the adult ages for boys are thirteen years and for girls it is twelve years. The celebration for boys is called Bar Mitzvah and for girls it is called Bat Mitzvah. It includes inviting a lot of guests, preparing delicious meals, a lot of gifts and presents and a lot of photographs.

Thus, these two are the major events where event photography of Jewish community is most prevalent. After all, who will want to miss capturing such interesting events.


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