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Marco Rosario Accolla: Charity, Public Giving, Community Service, and More

Posted by marcoaccolla in Business on June 28th, 2018

If you have never met Marco Accolla face to face, you’d be forgiven for thinking he is just like other business people who are interested in only making enormous profits. Yes, Marco has whipped up one highly successful business after another. Talk about hot clubs, multi-million real estate ventures, high-end boutiques, and more in-between; the South African born Italian is well-known for his business-savviness and unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

But, there’s another side of Marco Accolla that you probably don’t know. That’s right; Marco is also an outspoken supporter of several well-meaning charities, and an active participant in community service and welfare. Overall, Marco Accolla’s track record of giving back to the community goes way back.

Marco Accolla’s Causes

Community Policing

Involving both the ordinary citizens and the law enforcement offices in solving problems affecting the public might be the best way to curb runaway violence, crime, and other community vices in South Africa. That’s where community policing comes in handy. It aims to ensure police transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in the community.

For long, community policing has been something close to Marco’s heart. Born and bred in Durban, Marco Accolla understands that amicable alliance between the police and other members of the community can go along way.

His contribution to community policing comes in a two-prong approach:

(1) He’s currently serving as the vice chair of the Community Police Forum (CPF). Marco leverages his position in CPF to make sure that community policing is a success in Durban. He holds meeting regularly with all stakeholders. And his efforts have already begun to bore fruits.

(2) He co-founded the Community Watch, a community policing-oriented non-governmental organization where he is also serving as the treasurer.

Public Giving

Not everyone in Durban is fortunate enough to have a roof over their head, food on the table (if there’s even one), and joyful moment to share with others. That often brings so much sadness to Marco. That’s why he often gives out food hampers, clothing, and other essentials to the poor during the holidays and any other chance he can get.

Community Welfare

Besides being part of Community Watch and CPF, Marco Accolla is also interested in other community welfare issues. When he is not managing his portfolio or busying giving food hampers to the unfortunate and needy, Marco Accolla usually organizes community get-togethers, braais, and much more. By bringing people together, these social gatherings help strengthen community fabric.


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