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10 Creative Ways to Use Sequins in Jewelry and Crafts

Posted by embroiderymaterial in Shopping on June 23rd, 2018

Sequins are the most lovely and glittery addition to any design. They are really versatile and can be used to make and adorn absolutely anything. Their varied uses and their versatility is what makes them high in demand and most loved embellishment. We have brought to you Round, Silver Sequins, white, silver, green, pink, paillette and many other gorgeous colors. In this article, I will show you their various uses:

  •         Apparels

Sequins are used to adorn apparels, from a simple tee to sophisticated lehenga, you can see their eye-catchy work everywhere. Their lovely work can make heads turn.

  •         Necklace

You can make a literally any jewelry item with sequins. Look at this cool necklace; it can be paired with any dress. Various designs can be easily created at home with them. The best thing is you can get as creative as you want. All you have to do is use the right combination of color and you are good to go!

  •         Footwear

Simple, plain or old shoes can be easily transformed into party-ready footwear in just a blink of an eye with sequins.

  •         Bracelets

This is the most adorable and cutest way of using sequins in your jewelry designs. There are many methods of making cute bracelets with sequins. You don’t need to buy one you can simply create one at home without too much work.

  •         Flowers

Lovely flowers can be made with sequins. They can be used to give a dazzling look to any lehenga, saree, dupatta and other dresses. Learn how to make these lovely flowers here.


  •         Bags and Purse

Be it a bag, purse or a wallet, sequins can make anything looking so ravishing. Complete your dinner date outfit by carrying this eye-catchy purse.

  •         Anklets

If you love going to a beach party, one thing that will make you look drop-dead gorgeous is sequins anklets and barefoot sandals. They are very easy to recreate and looks extremely gorgeous.

  •         Cushion Covers

If you want to make your party ready, you can always use sequins pillow covers. You can always stitch sequins on old cushion covers to add bling to them.

  •         Decorative Balls

Decorative sequins balls are the best festival decorative items. These are extremely cute and adorable. They are really easy to recreate and can be made in any size.

  •         Craft Projects

You can easily add shine to your craft projects with sequins. The best thing about them is they are very handy and can be used to many ways.

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