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How Does Hydrocodone Helps To Relieve Pain

Posted by cheapmedstore in Health on October 15th, 2019

Hydrocodone, also sold under the brand name of Hysingla, is an opioid used for people suffering from prolonged pain. It is also a part of a cough suppressant and is sold in combinations with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. It is formulated for oral intake. 


How does Hydrocodone function?


Hydrocodone contains a combination of opioid and non-opioid drugs, which helps to relieve pain and reduce fever, respectively. They work by acting upon pain receptors present inside the brain is known as GABA neurotransmitters. Hydrocodone stimulates them to produce GABA neurotransmitters, which help to relieve pain. 




Hydrocodone may show some adverse effects if taken for more than the prescribed period. Let’s see what possible side-effects may occur:


  • It is possible to have constipation with the excess intake of this medication.
  • You may feel nausea or may even vomit after taking this medicine.
  • If taken for a more extended period, this medication has been reported to cause respiratory depression. If you are pregnant or breastfeed, then it is better not to take this medicine as it may cause respiratory distress to the baby as well.
  • As this medication contains benzodiazepine, even the smaller doses affect older people. 
  • Physical differences, such as a change in the size of pupils, have also been seen. Irregular heartbeat is also one of the severe aftermaths. Due to the sedative effect of medicine, older adults are more likable to fall and faces problems like joint or hip fractures.
  • You may also lose your conscience if you take Hydrocodone in excess.
  • It is possible to start being dependent on this medication. If you form a habit of it and try to leave the medicine, then it may show some withdrawal symptoms.


Keep in mind to contact a doctor or your physician if these effects persist. Although any severe allergies do not occur with this medicine still, you should consult a doctor if symptoms like itching, rashes, or swelling occur.

Preventive Measures to be taken


  • You shall read the instructions carefully that your pharmacist provides with your medicine.
  • It is recommended not to buy Hydrocodone online without a prescription.
  • You may get Hydrocodone for sale from certain stores, but it is strictly prohibited. This medication is meant to be sold by pharmacists only.
  • Older adults should be extra careful about this medication as they are sensitive to such sedative drugs.
  • Allergies are prevalent these days. Almost every other individual is allergic to one thing or another. You can be allergic to even medicines, so it would be safe to find out your allergies and check whether this medicine is safe to take.
  • Since Hydrocodone is a benzodiazepine, it causes effects on the Central Nervous System and respiratory system. If you have issues related to respiration, then you must not take this medication.



Intake of Hydrocodone:


Your doctor will guide you for the intake of this medication; it is essential to follow the directions exactly as told. The doctors set the portion of medicine according to the need of an individual patient, so you shall restrict yourself from modifying the quantity of dose in any manner. As the risk of addiction falls over this medicine, the overdosing shall not be done at any cost. Be sure of following the time duration as prescribed by the doctor and not more than that.


  • You should not consume alcohol if you are taking this medicine.
  • You shall not combine this medication with other sedative drugs. It can cause severe effects on your health.
  • This medicine shall be taken after eating food. Eating it on an empty stomach may cause stomach upsetness. 
  • This medicine works for 3-4 hours approximately.


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