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How to Be Prepared for the Worst with Cyber Incident Response

Posted by NowlesNorman in Other on June 20th, 2018

Cybercrime is on the rise and you need a solid cyber incident response to deal with these issues. You have to have a skilled security team to address cybersecurity when they arise. Your team may waste valuable resources trying to combat this pressing problem. Here’s how you can improve your response.

Cyber Security Orchestration and Security Automation

For many security teams, speed is a top priority, but this isn’t always an easy thing to achieve. Some things in cybersecurity slow the team down and prevent them from doing the proper job. The team ends up working on cumbersome repetitive tasks like entering in information for a tool to tool when they could be responding to threats, identifying new ones, and prioritizing their responses to threats. Today, more teams are using cyber security orchestration and security automation to achieve their goals in less time, so they have a better response to various incidents that occur.


When we talk about cyber security orchestration, this is the integration and the connection of your various security applications that would usually be done on a manual basis by some sort of security professional. Cybersecurity orchestration is vital to connect everything together, so it runs smoothly.


This refers to the automatic handling of certain tasks in any security application that would be handled by a security professional.

When you so both cyber security orchestration and security automation together, this is the coordination of various automate security tasks using various connected applications that you use for your cyber incident response.

Threat Intelligence

You want to use historical knowledge as well as situational awareness to figure out how your processes will be handled. Threat intelligence will allow various processes to adjust automatically which helps you make valuable decisions.

Why the Need for Orchestration and Security Automation?

You need both orchestration and security automation because you don’t have enough automated practices, processes, or collaboration. The team has many tasks they do repetitively, and they may suffer from fatigue which means that many security threats may not be realized since the team isn’t as fresh as they could be due to a large workload. When you have orchestration, you can prioritize events, automate the simple tasks, and you have more time to search and find the critical threats that you face. You essentially have faster as well as smarter security to reach more threats than ever before.

You have the ability with cyber security orchestration to have a better incident response and automate your tasks. This leads to better workflow with reduced costs and saves you valuable time. The team will have more time to complete thorough investigation or to evaluate the threat risks they face. When you have cybersecurity orchestration you’ll have a natter understanding about how the threats should be handled and this makes for better decision making. The entire security team will be better able to make the right decisions that protect the organization from cyber threats in a more robust way. You’ll reduce or eliminate the mundane tasks and be better equipped to meet challenges.


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