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Some Effective Ideas to Design Your Dream Kitchen

Posted by adamsmith in Home on June 14th, 2018

A kitchen is considered to be the heart of the house. It is the place where your family members gather at the end of the day to have dinner. It is the most vital part of your home. Thus, the room should be designed in a way that should be comfortable and reflect the personality of the homeowners. There are many reputed kitchen renovation companies in Cape Town that specialise in kitchen design, manufacture and the installation of customised kitchens. (Information Credit –

Some of the innovative kitchen design ideas are discussed below:

1. Kitchen Space

Your kitchen area is one of the most crucial factors while determining the size of the cabinets, cupboards, countertop size, etc. The colour of the kitchen wall also depends on this factor. If your kitchen area is large, you can go for an open-plan kitchen.

2. Wall colour

These days, contrast colours are trendy. You can paint one area light and the other side dark. You can also go for different types of textures and designs. You can achieve a dynamic look for your kitchen by selecting unique colour combinations like gold and brown and other natural materials. You can also go for vibrant colours like bright yellow, lemon green, light pink and many others. Many people prefer a light blue colour for the ethereal effects. If you want a bright and cheerful feeling you can try out bright green or orange colours. Bright red colour is also popularly used in painting the kitchen spaces. You should choose the wall colour wisely to make your kitchen one of the most attractive places in your home.

3. Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage is one of the most crucial parts of your kitchen design. You should choose a kitchen cabinet that should have important features like multi-functionality, modern and stylish outlook. However, your kitchen cabinet should not take up a lot of space. There are many well functional and customised kitchen cabinets available in the market that provide you plenty of storage options with modular shelves, drawers and wine racks.

4. Open Shelves

Open-shelving is effectively used in your kitchen to increase its functionality. You can place the most used items on the open shelves. You can have what you need within your hand’s grasp. You can add your own sense of style by putting some decorative accessories and greenery to these open shelves.

5. Incorporation of multifunctional sinks

A kitchen sink is another important part that deserves your concentration. The kitchen sink should be big enough so that they can be utilised as the central kitchen space. You can select a large kitchen sink with two faucets to increase the kitchen’s functionality.

6. Kitchen lights

While selecting the kitchen light you should go for the concealed LED lighting to improve your kitchen aesthetics. You can also select a warm glow-light for a cosy yet stylish feeling of your kitchen.

You should take the help of an expert to fulfil the desire to have your own beautiful modern kitchen.


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