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What you should know about birthmarks?

Posted by Microskincentre in Health on October 9th, 2019

I am sure each one of us aware of Harry Potter's lightning bolt birthmark and you must have pondered overit or maybe found it amusing and cool, right? Birthmarks are any type of mark, spot, or discoloration that is present on the skin or anywhere around the body, present on the time of birth or appears after birth shortly.

There are countless research done to detrmine the cause of birthmark. The life inside the mother embryo is not a mystery anymore, and yet also no one can fully define why birthmark gets on a baby's body. 

Different doctors and scientists came up with many causes of birthmark. It is believed that during the early stage, placenta’s small piece might get lodged inside the mother's embryo, which causes birthmark. There is a hypothesis that this congenital benign irregularity on the skin, during the birth time is because of the over-growth of melanocytes and blood vessels. 

Birthmarks have many types, such as: 

  1. Pigmented birthmarks

Pigmented birthmarks are a result of excessive accumulation of melanin. It can be elevated or flat, also known as Mongolian spots. This kind of birthmarks can be apparent and cover a large portion of the body. The pigmented birthmark is also of many types:

  • Mongolian blue spots

Bluish-grey spots on people's skin are Mongolian blue spots, it is not harmful but sometimes people have mistaken it asdangerous. Some also count it as a scar. Usually, they fade away with time and require no specific treatment. They can be covered using vitiligo makeup.

  • Moles

Moles are also kind of birthmark considered as a lucky or beauty charm in society. Moles are round in shape and commonly found on areas such as the face, fingers, or neck. Some moles also fade away, however, some stay for a lifetime.

  1. Vascular birthmarks

The spot which ranges from light pink to dark purple are usually vascular birthmark. This birthmark is in many sizes and evolves over time. Vascular birthmark also has many variants: 

  • Hemangiomas: The colorful marks on bodies are usually hemangiomas. They are pink and blue in color and look like patches. Often found around the neck and head, their size increases by time. There are some fast-growing hemangiomas that need removal.

  • Salmon patches: Stork bites or angel bites called salmon patches. Salmon birthmarks are also colored in appearance and need removal at times. You will find most of them on the eyelids or the back.

  • Wine spot: The abnormal presence of small blood vessels under the skin sometimes leads to a wine spot which is a type of birthmark. These kinds of birthmarks are found in the majority. They need removal as they grow fast and do not fade over time. They are rarely connected to a genetic condition, which is considered as the reason behind their occurrence.

Is birthmark cover up and removal possible?

So these were some birthmarks and their types. It is very important to understand that they are not always harmful, but some of them are huge and grow fast which makes it necessary to remove them. In today's technologically advanced world it is very easy to remove them. Yes, now birthmarks can be removed safely and effectively, by using new technology, with the help of the special type of lasers.

The birthmark removal treatments are secure and safe. The treatment is done in different seating and with scars left. While some do not want to get rid of the birthmark altogether, hence, they look for a birthmark cover up. Again, the advancement in science has given us many techniques of birthmark cover up. Some of them include vitiligo makeup, tattoos, setting powders, etc. 

So these were some facts about birthmark and its removal techniques! Hope it will be helpful to you.


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