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Improve your mental and physical health with Piano Classes

Posted by adamsmith in Education on June 12th, 2018

It is widely acknowledged that piano learning has a great positive impact on our physical and mental health. It is considered as an unparalleled tool of seeking escape to a creative world, providing the player simple enjoyment and fun. In fact, in recent years it has been proven that the piano plays important role to make a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy life.  There are many reputed piano schools that offer effective piano classes. You should follow their classes attentively to learn to play piano.

Here are few of the many ways that show how learning piano helps the children, grown up students and adults to have a greater physiological and psychological development.

  1.     Helps in improving motor skill dexterity

Apart from enhancing the dexterity of the fingers the piano keyboard helps the learners to acquire the dexterity of using both the hands simultaneously. The skilful use of both hands and moving your fingers in a dexterous way while playing the piano is a complex task. This skill of piano players helps them in learning other skills quicker too. They are trained to master full control over certain areas of their body, like the finger movement and the hand and eye co-ordination. Playing piano also needs foot movements on the pedals.

  1.     Cognitive benefits

Learning piano helps the learners to have improved cognitive skills. This is especially applicable for the children and adult students. In fact adults who took piano lessons for the longer period of time generally have greater neural responses than the average persons of similar age.  Studying piano helps to sharpen the auditory responses as well, enhancing the perception and communication skills of the children and adults.

  1.     Helps in physiological developments

It is true that learning piano involves sitting for longer hours but it offers different type of physiological benefits to its player. Apart from improving the hand and eye co-ordination it helps in increasing the levels of Human Growth Hormone, which slows the aging process. Learning piano also lowers the risks of cardiac arrest, blood pressure and anxiety as well.

  1.     Helps in calming the anxious mind

In modern days the adults are suffering from many complex mental disorders like depressions, anxiety, loneliness etc. playing piano is considered as the great source of stress-buster. It is also used as a therapy for the people who are suffering from attention deficit disorder. In fact, old people who are suffering from serious brain damages like memory loss or dementia take piano classes to reverse the decline of brain processing. It is also tremendously helpful for the patients who are suffering from inner hearing loss. Specialised piano classes help such students in improving the counting and the mathematical skills.

  1.     Helps in boosting self-confidence

Certainly, you don’t need to become a master of the piano to build your self-esteem. If you are a novice piano player and you are gradually becoming better at playing the piano then naturally it will increase your self- confidence.

Moreover, learning to accept criticism is an important characteristic of a learner. It helps you to analyse your weak areas. By following the instructions of your piano teacher you will be able to improve much faster and in a more efficient manner.


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