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Things That Natural Gas Fireplace Owners Should Know

Posted by adamsmith in Home on June 11th, 2018

In spite of inflating gas prices, gas fireplaces still have a lot of commercial demand. Thus, there are several gas fireplace suppliers available in the market. The following are some of the things consumers should keep in mind before installing a gas fireplace in their homes: (Information credit:

1. Choose the model wisely: In case you are planning to install a gas fireplace, you should take time to go through the various options of models and finalize on the one that perfectly suits your needs. The various models of natural gas fireplaces are self-sufficient, small, large, insert etc. There are also certain models of natural gas fireplace that can be installed outside on your patio.

2. Install it with care and precision: The fireplace can work properly only if it is installed is best to get it installed by a professional of a fireplace installation service company.

3. A gas fireplace should never be used to cook: You must at no cost use a gas fireplace to grill sausages or bake marshmallows. It should be strictly used to warm up the inside of your homes and create an elegant ambience.

4. Ensure proper maintenance: Even though your gas fireplace does not get covered in flakes of ash, it still requires cleaning and maintenance. You should use a soft cloth to eliminate soot and wipe down the fake logs. The dust can be removed using a vacuum especially at the start of the winter season. Finally it is crucial to keep the glass parts such as the doors and flame protector clean. The following are a few tips for maintain a gas fireplace:

  • Instead of chemical products, use warm soap-lathered water to clean the fireplace
  • Get an inspection done once a year
  • Take advice from professional experts

5. Do not put any object on it: Do not decorate shelves around the floor and mantel of the gas fireplace. It might be risky to put any object in the vicinity of the flames.

6. Take safety precautions for children: It is of vital importance to make sure that you do not leave any young child unattended near the fireplaces. Hence always keep the glass doors closed and make sure pets and kids do not wander off too close to the flames.

7. Program it: If your fireplace has a remote-controlled programing system, take advantage of it. Scheduling fixed times into the programming system, will ensure the fireplace doesn’t run for nothing. This will ensure that none of the natural gas is being wasted and thus a lot of your fuel bill will be saved.

8. Replace the batteries of the remote: In case your natural gas fireplace comes with a remote control, replace the batteries in it whenever you remove the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector. Even if the remote control is not used frequently, you should make sure that it is functional in case of a situation of emergency. Thus, keep on changing the batteries.

Energy-conscious people are mostly stimulating the demand of fireplace inserts and free-standing stoves. That is because this helps to maintain the quality of indoor air and thus keep the homes clean. These also create less air pollution than wood-burning fireplaces.


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