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Link To Directory scam is it a scam at all?

Posted by LarryTagart in Internet on June 10th, 2018

There are more online scams than genuine money-making opportunities and this keeps many away from these opportunities. Thanks to these scams, even the genuine businesses tread the online marketplace with caution. When an online site tells you that you can get paid to click online advertisements, you naturally think there is something fishy involved. But if someone tells you about the scam, you should know that they are not right.

Why is not a scam?

The points given below clearly show that there is no scam involved in the way works.

1. When you visit the website, you will find that there are close to 175,000 members of this website. If this website was a scam, then so many people wouldn’t get associated with it.

2. While registering with this website is free, you need to become a paid member to withdraw money from your account. Most of the scam websites tell you that you can make money without paying anything – this website is honest about this point. Here you also get to see the IDs of the members and the money they have earned from this website.

3. As with the high number of online scams of this nature, there are also the reviews and the testimonials that you get to read online. The reviews are highly positive and this is the best proof of the genuineness of this website.

It is commonly known that you cannot make everyone happy. The same rule applies to While it has hundreds of happy members, it also has its share of disgruntled users. Those who talk about scam are those people who don’t see the reason to pay to make money from this website. However, it has been explained earlier that this website charges money if a member wants to withdraw money – this is a business model that has nothing hidden in it. After all, this website has to make money itself to be able to pay its members and it doesn’t hide this fact. Also, this website believes in catering to genuine users and when you pay for its services, you naturally are more serious about recouping your money.

Remember that even if you join a website that charges you nothing and promises you will be paid to click online ads, it can harm you in other ways. You never know when a malicious program gets inserted into your computer or smartphone and starts accessing your personal data. If there is one scam that you need to avoid, then this is the one. Not only will you not make money, but will actually run the risk of losing money and personal information.

Sevendollarclick has benefited many users across the country and this is the reason the number of its paid members is always on the rise. Join this wonderful money-making scheme today and you will also get to earn more than handsomely. The money you spend will come back to you in no time at all.

You may think that scam is real. But it is one genuine website where you get paid to click online advert links.


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