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Top 4 Tips to Planning Corporate Holiday Party

Posted by briskcatering in Food on October 4th, 2019

90% of companies give holiday parties to their employee. A company holiday party is a fabulous way to give back to your employee's hard work. If the parties do turn out to be awesome then all employees enjoy them. This is the way to increase the strength, morale and work satisfaction of the employee. It allows all the employees and colleagues to put work aside and spend the ultimate quality time with each other. For throwing the best towards your employee then you should hire the best catering company for getting the best catering services in MelbourneThis is the best way of enjoying every moment of party stress-free. 

If you want to host a best and member able party for your employees then here are some tips for you to throw the ultimate corporate holiday with best catering services:

Tips that must plan a corporate holiday party


Selecting a suitable venue for your corporate parties or events is a very difficult task. It can be considered as a big feast and way of satisfying the large assortment of the crowd. Here are important that you should consider in the decision-making process

  •  Venue Selection:

This is the first and most important part of an ultimate corporate event or holiday party. The selection of the venue is depending upon the size of the company. Throw the party in non-traditional time and off-season the venue's rate is genuine and cost-effective.

  •  Location and parking:

For hosting a corporate holiday party it’s very important you have to choose a familiar location. On the other all people make use of their vehicles then it is important to find out the space of parking on the venue. 

  • Layout and Decoration:

The layout of the venue plays an important role in corporate holiday parties. The most essential thing you keep in your mind is the venue you are choosing for the party should be accentuated for traffic flow, focus and attention. 

On the other hand, you make use of company logo colors for decorating your event place. It looks familiar and gets attractive attention. 



 After selecting the venue this is the most important step for a successful holiday corporate party. Food can make or break your occasion. Picking the right food for holiday parties are usually very important. Food is considered as the highlights of the event so, you must aware of this step carefully.

  •  Select a suitable Menu:

Selecting a suitable menu is very important for any event whether it is a social gathering, baby shower, marriage parties or corporate events. You must know the dietary restrictions and allergies of all the employees. For selecting the menu you need to consider the preference of your employees.  

  •  Know Your Event:

Before selecting the menu it is very essential which type of corporate party you are organizing. Are you hosting a simple party, celebration party and other traditional events? All of this can help you decide on the menu option. 

  •  Must consider catering services:

If you want to throw an ultimate and successful corporate party for the employee so, you must hire a catering company that provides you the best catering services within your budget. These services can make you successful without your hard work. You can easily enjoy every moment of the party. Moreover, they also provide you quality food services by making use of fresh and quality ingredients to ensure you get the tastiest food. Plus, they make use of all standard cleaning processes.



After food drinks, snacks and beverages are very important. But in a company, there are most of the employees that don’t like alcohol. Due to this reason, they don’t attend any corporate parties.  If you want every employee of your company that enjoys your function or event then have organized a minimal amount of alcohol at your event. This can be done by providing drink tickets and open your bar for a few hours. You must hire a professional and trained bartender to serve alcohol. 


Besides food, drink, snacks, and beverages have some fun activity is very important for making your event more interest. It can help to inject some holiday spirit into your company party. Moreover, it can consider the best way to interact with each other effectively. 

Here are some ideas let’s have a look!

  •  Give Door Prizes:

As you know, human nature to be competitive and all employee wants to win and get the prize. A door prize will provide an opportunity for everyone to feel like a winner. But for this firstly you need to consider your budget. Plus, you must a meaning gift for your employees.

  •  Choose a Theme:

Throwing an office party is not going to cut it. You can consider your workplace values, cultures and use a fun theme for your party. The theme gives an Identity to your corporate event. Make use of the theme will also create an ecosystem with food, drinks, and decoration. 

  •   Ice – Breakers:

The main motive of a corporate event is to get closer to the other teammates and get a chance to create a bond. Party games provide the perfect way for faster interaction. 


Having a Holiday corporate party is a great way to the morale of workspace, show appreciation and create a bond among colleagues. If making your event successful then catering services is the best. If you are hiring a catering company for your corporate events and other social gatherings then you don’t need to worry about anything. They are experienced and potential to make your event successful so, that your employee remembers their holiday party for a longer duration.


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