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cheapest Maplestory Mesos

Posted by Rshop2018 in Arts on May 25th, 2018


Example: You are botting at KMS and you supplied your SSN, and Nexon have evidence that you're botting, and they are permanently banned you along with your SSN is going to have a record that you have participate prohibited activities. When you attempt to enroll games which required SSN (largely in South Korea); you will have troubling sign an account on that specific game  cheapest Maplestory Mesos.

Although, KMS might not have any issue using CFG (Chinese Gold Farmers), because they're spending their time farming and promoting golds online (World-Trading), also it is possible to track down them, but odds are that gamers are only trading into each other could be financing for other accounts, or real-world trading. Also, GMS and KMS doesn't have problem with real world trading ever since people can purchase NX money in-game (odds are you can get scammed, so trust is a variable)

Solution to reduce hackers/botters in GMS:It needed to adopt the machine that Blizzard has, since you are providing real individuality and they can essentially banned you for real (Literally get prohibited in their host for real). Make the precise method as KMS; the danger of having SSN convicted and convicted identity is quite high in US/Canada/Mexico, so therefore some might disagree with this.

However, these solution has their very own weakness too:Chinese gold farmers population would grow, and more exploiter (unless GMS will willingly fix exploit bugs - They do, however. . .that would have a great deal of their time buy Maplestory 2 Mesos while maintaining their patch programs). Pretty much you wouldn't be able to compete with these types of people, as they're dedicated hardcore farmers that played 16 hours/day. Then you'd complain about them, but GMS/KMS will not do anything about, because they are untrue players.

From 2030+, maybe Maplestory 1 is still here and folks still quite enjoy the sport even though Maplestory two could take over, but that care; the game remains best and pleasurable. Classic pixels dominate innovative gameing mechanic. However, there would be android that actually replaced CFG farming maplestory 2 mesos. Japan/China/South Korea and other businesses are already growing them. . .so. . .eh. .Mercy please.

Overall; botters/hackers cannot be completely evaporate from the gambling industry, since they're like germs that dwelt in a body; a few of these bacteria are good and some are poor. If you get rid of all the germs in the world; human wouldn't exist, because we are initially a cell that burst from bacteria and to some multi cellular eukaryotic cell.


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