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Find out if indeed their accreditation is valid and legit Construction Durban

Posted by ConstructionDurban in Other on May 25th, 2018

Civil engineers are the brains behind the construction of those skyrockets that rule our urban skies as well as all the other mega construction projects. They are the ones accredited to handle all the planning, managing and development of massive construction tasks, including upgrading existing structures and revitalizing old ones. Outside of the busy construction sites, a civil engineering contractor can offer consultancy services, plan and design new projects and also offer survey services for both private and public clients.

Clearly, the magnitude of services a civil engineering contractor Durban, for instance, is expected to handle is huge and carries with it lots of investment. And it is this that makes the process of choosing and hiring a civil engineer a lot critical. Essentially, the whole decision can make-or-break the viability of the entire venture.

Would you like to hire a project management Durban or perhaps a civil engineering contractor Durban? If you need to hire one, kindly take a moment and go through these life-saving tips:

Find out if indeed their accreditation is valid and legit

Any contractor may boast of having earned certification from the requisite government agencies and is thus legally mandated to carry out any forms of building construction Durban. However, in the wake of many dubious accreditation’s, always make sure the license and permits are genuine.

You should check and ascertain if it adheres to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Construction Regulations of 2014. Also, visit the National Home Builders Registration Council as well as the National Home Builders Registration Council, SA.

Years of experience in the industry

You can tell how reliable and efficient a property development Durban is by merely taking a look at how it has fared in the past. Its track record in handling projects of similar magnitude as yours will act as eye openers. Basically, what matters aren’t the total years of experience the construction company has, but rather how good it has always been when developing the same kind of project.

Equipment and Personnel

You can tell the ability of a civil engineering contractor Durban to deliver cutting-edge services from how massive its equipment and personnel are. A company with huge, heavy-duty machinery and uber-skilled craftsmanship may not give you a reason to doubt their word.

Cost of hiring them

When everything else has been considered, sit down with the executive team from the interested building construction Durban company and determine if your budget will tally with theirs. You will check their fees as well as how long they’ll need to complete the project. Usually, a fair balance between the financial cost of hiring them and their quality of the service is recommended.

Stark NC Holdings (Pty) Ltd
26 Santa Monica Ground,
158 Innes Road, Morningside
Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, 4001
Ph: 0645032285 / 0645030332
Cell: 0720311281


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