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6 Schools with the Biggest Chain in India

Posted by divyatanvar94 in Education on May 24th, 2018

The Indian Education Industry has been going through a tremendous growth from the last few years and is continuously moving ahead at a fast pace. The growing number of K-12 schools and professional colleges are highly contributing in the economic development of our country and the academic growth of her citizens.

Studies show that the world’s largest population fall under the age bracket of 6 to 17 years. This makes the K-12 educational segment the biggest shareholder in the market. Also, more than 260 million kids get enrolled in 1.5 million schools every year, this shows our growing interest in shaping the future of our country with skilled professionals coming from an expert educational background.

The major players in this industry, who run the biggest chain of schools in India are the most significant contributors behind the development and growth of this industry and our nation. These industry leaders not only set up different branches of their school businesses across the nation but also help different number of investors gain excellent returns on their investment in their chain of high school franchises.

Investors are keenly interested in exploring the vast amount of untapped opportunities in this industry and are happily moving ahead with similar objectives.

In order to highlight more details about these major leading schools in the education industry, we’ve listed down the 6 best schools with the largest number of chains in India.

1. The Millennium Schools

The Millenium Schools are a national chain of CBSE affiliated co-educational institutes powered by the Millennium Learning System™ that focuses on developing a global mindset by considering a thought and philosophy process based on deep rooted Indian values and rich culture.

The Millennium Learning System™ delivers a distinctive and unique pedagogy which is directed and supported by the Research & Development wing of Education Quality Foundation of India.

The Millennium Schools are a part of the company Millennium Education Management Private Limited, one of the leading players in the industry of education who aspire to equip their students with skills which will help them excel in their life and contribute heavily in the development of our nation.

MEMPL allows potential entrepreneurs to invest in the franchise of The Millennium School and help them gain excellent returns in exchange.

The Millennium School has currently established more than 40 branches across India and is willing to help entrepreneurs in opening their own school franchise and business by investing in the brand.

2. Millennium World School

Millennium World School is a futuristic school that aims to help every child achieve their inherent potential by offering them the best resources from across the globe along with its rich content and substance.

Millennium World School is also powered by Millennium Education Management Private Limited, a company that is always committed towards being futuristic and providing quality education so that their students get the best from what education has to offer. The decade long brand with its intensive research and care has always stayed ahead of its time and approach with respect to its curriculum, philosophy and services delivery.

Millennium World School aims to bring the change, the education industry has been in need of one from a long time. The goal of MWS is to be the torch bearers of that change and shape the life of their students with education.

MWS currently runs 5-7 schools across India but is planning to go triple in the next couple of years through the help of their high school franchise model.


SHEMFORD Schools are a nation wide chain of futuristic senior secondary schools focused at providing world class education to the students of our country. SHEMFORD has been one of the leading brands in the education industry from the last two decades.

SHEMFORD not only aims at providing quality education but also prepares its students in finding their path to success and making them the leaders of tomorrow.

Presently, SHEMFORD has 100+ branches of their schools spread across the country which offer both CBSE and ICSE board curriculum.

4. Billabong High International Schools

Billabong High International Schools are a leading and premium chain of private K-12 institutes which are powered by Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL) that has more than 20 years of experience in the field of education and runs around a network of more than 100 schools across India and the globe.

Billabong High International School aims at establishing institutions that produce well grounded, resilient and successful human beings.

5. Seth MR Jaipuria Schools

Seth MR Jaipuria Schools are another fast growing nationwide chain of schools, majorly popular in North and Central India. The brand specifically aims at establishing its branches across tier II and tier III cities of the country as the quality of education provided over there is still very low.

Seth MR Jaipuria currently has 20 branches established throughout different locations of the country and is open to potential investors who can help the brand open a chain of school franchises in India.

6. Delhi Public Schools

Another leading brand in the industry of education, Delhi Public School currently has more than 150 branches spread across the nation and 13 across international boundaries. This brand has been competitive in the market for quite some time now and is still growing at a good pace.

DPS runs one of the largest chain of CBSE schools in India and allows investors to invest in their school business  to help them gain potential returns.



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