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Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans In India 2019 | Benefits Of Pedestal Fan

Posted by Rahul Kar in Home on September 25th, 2019

A ceiling fan is the most common appliances used in the home for air circulation. But sometimes ceiling fan is not enough to provide the much-needed air circulation as the range is limited and the resider may not feel comfortable. Many ceiling fan manufacturers in India have shifted their focus towards manufacturing pedestal fans.

Benefits Of Pedestal Fans


Simple to move

Pedestal fans are very convenient and lightweight. In this way, in contrast to roof fans, they can be moved forward and backward, which implies that you can keep them any place you like and turn it by basically connecting the switch the attachment. For example, on the off chance that you are hanging out in your overhang or porch and might want to have a smooth breeze, you can without much of a stretch complete your standing fan in your patio, plug it in and let it chill you off.




Modern Pedestal Fans


Most recent platform fans are presently accompanying remote control includes that empower you to control the speed with the assistance of a remote while sitting at one spot. They are presently accessible with a choice of expandable tallness that can be balanced as needs be contingent upon your necessities. Not to forget that pedestal fan consumes less electricity compared to ceiling fans.



Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans In India 2019

1) The Fan Studio’s 4 Pedestal Metal fan with a 16-inch sweep

 This is Fan Studio’s the best and the most chosen pedestal fan in India. They have a very rich look and the blades are customized as per the user requirements. Its motor comes in two finishes, they are antique bronze and matt black. This fan has a voltage of 220V and has a power supply of 85 watts. It runs at a speed of 220 RPM and it changes as per the sweep. The blades have the shape of a rectangle and these are the following finishes of blade-like aluminum antique bronze, brass metal blades, and aluminum matt black. Apart from this, Fan studio also produces a tripod pedestal fan exclusive for its customers.

2) Bajaj’s 400 mm, VPR01 Pedestal Fan

This is a pedestal fan from Bajaj, one of the best fan manufacturers in India which has on offer a remote and a top-class speed fan that rotates at 1300RPM. The general power of this pedestal fan consumes up to 55 watts, which is quite low and hence it can be also utilized on an inverter. This pedestal fan is remote controlled and comes with a regulator that could be set. As an additional feature, it also has a top functioning acrylic blade that comes with the best airflow and is noise-free when compared to metal edges.

3) Havells V3 Turbo 450mm Pedestal Fan

Havells is one of the leading fan manufacturers in India that is mostly used in a wide range of home and kitchen appliances offering the best quality products. Havells V3 Turbo pedestal fan is a new model to its wide range of appliances as it is ideally suited for home or office usage. It is incorporated with powerful blades of 3120 cm along with its powerful 450 mm blade sweep. The Havells V3 Turbo has a power consumption of about 100 watts, in general. This fan comes with a 2-year warranty.

4) Usha Max Air 400 MM with 55-Watt power fan

Usha international limited is one of the best fan manufacturers in India. Usha Limited has is one of the best sellers of pedestal fan that is Usha Maxx Air 400 mm that leverages a 55-watt power supply, making it suitable for your needs. Its remarkable oil reservoir lubrication delivers superior stability and long life. Semi-transparent PP edges are designed and manufactured aerodynamically.

5) Orient Electric powered Pedestal Fan with a 450 MM Tornado

Orient comes up with the best pedestal fan in India. This Orient Pedestal Fan is the best choice which blows tornado-like breeze that can stream air everywhere in the house with an ultimate focus. This best pedestal fan in India comprises of sharp cutting edge blades. Identically a thermal overload protector is embedded and can be adjusted to prevent it from overheating. A thin pulling cord switch is been provided to control its operations and is further supported by an extra-huge metallic base for its stability.


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