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The Importance of OT security to Your Business

Posted by NowlesNorman in Other on May 21st, 2018

Operational Technology is a way of using computers to monitor or altering the system’s physical state. It may include things like power station control system or the rail system for control networks.

Why securing OT networks against rising attacks is very important.

A critical role is played by OT networks in emergency services, defense, food, agriculture, systems of finance, infrastructure, manufacturing, and many others. The operational technology networks and devices include the SCADA and ICS. These are capable of being deployed anywhere. Essentials tasks are usually played by OT though; they may seem simpler. These tasks include a valve monitory and shutting off the whole thing when some values are triggered. Remember that the main goal of an OT is to operate exactly as made or designed.

Securing OT networks is done in three main points:

  • Securing the network itself.

When you are in need of securing your networks, you should ensure that a good network design and a properly secured boundaries are available. All wireless applications must be secured and deploying solutions for secure remote access which will aid in a faster troubleshooting and problem-solving. It is the duty of the companies to keep a watch and monitor their networks as well as the industrial network infrastructure equipment.

  • Ensuring that the endpoints are secured.

The OT security professionals or officials should stop assuming that their endpoints are so much protected and that they are free from digital attacks. That can never be the cause then. All staff should not be allowed to connect their personal devices to the networks. Any PC- based material can be can be targeted by digital actors. It is important that the asset discovery system is developed or invested. This will maximize OT security and ensure that everything is in control. A very secure and flexible platform should be defined in order to cover the IT and OT environment.

  • Ensure that all the controllers are secured

There is a physical system in every industrial environment. Controllers are the all the mechanical devices that interact with the physical world. OT security and OT network monitoring are very vital here. This can be achieved when the management work towards preventing all the possible digital attacks. OT network monitoring may seem difficult but it is so easy and advisable.


For any company to be effective and trusted, they must be able to conduct the OT Network Monitoring. However, very few people are capable of understanding the process and keep it working making it so difficult to convince the people to adapt to the system of OT security. It is also important that the management does not keep this system together with the IT system because it is considered more delicate and requires a lot of monitoring and maintenance. The OT visibility requires specifics tools and methodologies which are unique in order to ensure that there is complete and effective security enhancement. More training should be offered to the employees so that our businesses remain safe and free from cybercrimes.


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