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How DoDots Dani Apgar succeeded

Posted by LarryTagart in Business on May 15th, 2018

There is an entire history behind DoDots and how the company was formed and how it influences today’s technology. DoDots Tony Medrano along with other two founders, George and John Kembel, managed to work together to develop the software. Along the way they needed support and here is where DoDots Dani Apgar interferes and changes the situations in good.

DoDots Dani Apgar is an internet marketing expert that has more than ten years’ experience in the field. She knows everything there is about Saas (Software-as-a-Service), digital media and the overall world of the internet. Working in Silicon Valley and in Southern California with many companies in the field, she managed to gain her experience and develop skills that make her recognizable and appreciated. As a matter of fact, Dani was the first employee of DoDots and is the Senior Director. Being part of the executive team, they all helped raise million.

Currently, she is the Director of Legal Marketing Sales at, assisting associations to increase their client database. To better understand a company, it is recommended to know more about the founders and how it was formed. This brings us to DoDots Tony Medrano and his patent. To start with, Dots help deliver online content to mobile phones. Tony shares the methods of delivering internet content in his patent. For those who are uncertain about Dots and what they mean, they are applications that help brand online content and share it in seconds with the audience.

Traditionally, branding and distributing online content was done using document models of the internet and at one point, it became inefficient. People started accessing online content at rapid speed and the model needed to be scaled up. Successful websites are the ones that have valuable content and people like to visit them, look around and take action. If users don’t like what they see, they move to another source, without spending too much time on the current one. Viewed websites are better ranked and they appear in first search positions.

These days, more and more people access the internet using their mobile devices. This means that companies should follow this trend and move their content to mobile. Tony Medrano points out exactly how the transfer is done and how you can deliver content successfully to mobile headsets. In the case study, you can find out more about the founder and the company, DoDots.Inc. . The invention uses computer readable memory, so that the function is directed in a certain manner. Knowing the founders behind the company is useful when you have to choose between partners and want to know how they succeeded in their work. Tony also points out in the study that users’ behavior should be tracked. This way, companies are able to offer a personalized level of service and content, based on wants and needs.

If you want to get to know DoDots Dani Apgar better, you can find relevant information right here. Read more about DoDots Tony Medrano, his case study and patent and how your business can benefit from them.


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