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What Should You Know About DoDots?

Posted by gabrielfulton in Technology on May 15th, 2018

Most probably, if you did not have anything to do with the tech world a couple of decades ago, you do not really know what DoDots are or who DoDots Tony Medrano is. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should pass on the opportunity of learning this important piece of history that has managed to shape the internet and consumerism that we know today. It is a known fact that nowadays, brands focus a large chunk of their resources on online and mobile marketing.

All of this is connected to the apps that the consumer downloads on his phone to have easier access to certain products, services, features and even interesting notifications. Interesting enough, DoDots was based on something similar. We are talking about a technology that was somehow launched ahead of its time and was not as appreciated as it should have been. If you were to learn more about it, you would learn that Dots did not want to have anything to do with a browser.

In most cases, companies could send individual Dots to prescreened users and they were able to see the information they were interested in without having to use an internet browser. That was definitely something big two decades ago. We could even talk about this technology as the starting point of apps. These bits of information could be information about traffic in certain areas, weather conditions and so on. DoDots Tony Medrano had an excellent idea of delivering content to the end user, but somehow, the company did not survive.

Nevertheless, you can see today what the online world has turned into as well as the development of mobile consumerism. We are talking about a large number of consumers that use their phones to do everything from checking the weather to even shopping on their phones. Brands have found a way to reach them without them needing to use a particular browser by simply sending in-app notifications. The same enlightened founder had the idea of tracking user behaviour. The reason?

Companies were able to use the data, analyse it and provide content that the consumer was interested in. Does it sound familiar? That is exactly what is happening today, but we could certainly say that the tech world has managed to refine the process and adjust it to today’s buyers. Dots have started helping the business world communicate with its target audience many years ago and still have an influence on what is happening now. A better user experience was one of the main purposes of this technology along with a better relationship between businesses and their prospective customers. Most of these concepts have stayed the same, even today.

As you can clearly see, DoDots have truly played their role in shaping the online world that we know today. If you would like to learn more about the technology as well as DoDots Tony Medrano, the man who stood behind the company more than two decades ago, click on the right link today!


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