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Unique Birthday Gifts for Brothers

Posted by bigsmall in Other on May 1st, 2018

No matter how much you fight your brother, he’ll always stay dear and close to you and this love is clearly reflected in the gifts you buy or make for him. But buying gifts has always been a hassle and you can never decide what the perfect gift will be. Worry not, to your rescue here are some cool birthday gifts you can buy your brother, for which he’ll forever be grateful.

Birthday Pop up card

Nothing says happy birthday better than a birthday card. This pop up birthday card is an amazing way to wish your brother on his birthday because, sure, a card is amazing as it is but this one’s different. When you flip it open, a cake pops up and we very well know that birthdays are incomplete without cakes and wishes. This pretty card with a three tier cake pop up will be the perfect way to wish him on his birthday.

Thor Hammer Keychain

Is the birthday boy always complaining about lost keys? If so, then you’ve just stumbled upon the perfect gift for him. Guys love superheros and this keychain just screams superhero essence. This keychain will keep his keys safe and all at one place. This hammer keychain will always remind him of his keys - cause Thor doesn’t go places without his hammer and will also remind him of you every time he uses his keys.

The Ultimate Pocket Tool

The ultimate pocket tool ​is another great gift for a guy. It is a card sized tool, a multitool to be specific. This pocket tool is a handy toolbox in itself and has 18 tools that will fit in any wallet sized pouch. So the next time he’ll need a help with tools he’ll have it on the go. This again is a very different yet useful gift that your brother will be happy to have.

Scratch World Map

The Scratch World Map ​is another nice thing you can gift an adventurous soul. This map keeps record of all the places you’ve been to. For everyplace you return from, you scratch off that part from the map. This is a very innovative and cool gift for someone who is into travelling and loves a thrilling lifestyle. Everytime he scratches any part of the map, he’ll probably smile thinking of you and the time you got him this thrilling gift.

Hand of the King Brooch

Another cool gift would be The hand of the King Brooch ​.With the Game of Thrones fever amongst people nowadays this is a cool gift to give. Not only will this add to his style quotient but also make him look a lot cooler in front of his friends. And everytime someone compliments him for the brooch, he’ll silently thank you for the wonderful idea of the gift. Now isn’t that a nice thing.

Beard Catcher

With the bearded look trending in, trimming breads has always been a messy task and the clean up after it is every man’s nightmare. So, if your brother has a cool beard to take care of he’ll be delighted to get a Beard Catcher​which wraps around the neck holding every tiny strand of hair that falls down. This is a cheap and a usable gift that will surely bring a smile on your brothers face.


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