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Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions-

Posted by NowlesNorman in Other on April 28th, 2018

As the cloud came out recently, recovery for it can seem odd and not knowledgeable. But just as any device that stores information, it is best to make a replication. This will help recover any data that goes missing any time. The cloud is just a normal device that allows users to store in the cloud but information may get lost when a disaster occurs. And the cloud is not responsible for that happening, similar to the server not being responsible for losing information. The best option is to make sure the data is always recovered at all times so in times like this there is always a plan B that can take action. When this has been implemented your company would have finally reached and gone through the cloud disaster recovery solution process successfully.

As a company, there are other options than disaster recovery solution, which may work most of the time. However, it is best to stay in the disaster recovery and figure out the solutions it can provide since it is very compatible with the cloud. There are many cloud disaster recovery solutions to keep in mind whether it is in-house, half house or full service, one needs to be at least implemented. The in-house solution will be to save the main source of your data offline. This is done by saving it somewhere on the company server so that if anything was to happen in the cloud, there is always a back up for the data. Second would be the half house, this means having a service that saves only a bit of memory (since it’s free), while the rest would be saved on the company’s server. This would make sure all the important information is saved on the service while the least important will be on the company’s home server. Lastly, you are able to purchase a secure service on the cloud that will make sure all your info
rmation safe. Thus making the reliability at this point very high and disaster will not be a threat anymore.

When companies first start, it is best to have cloud disaster recovery plans implemented to avoid any future damage that may occur. When this plan has been implemented the threat provided by a disaster will simply disappear. Here are a few steps that can be implemented to make the recovery plan successful. A company needs to ask themselves these questions:

  1. The data being transferred, is it 100% secure and unchangeable?
  2. Can any user login or only ones that get their credentials approved?
  3. Is there other security checks that need to be done or only by entering the password?
  4. Does your cloud service meet the normal requirements you read about?

Once the questions at hand have been answered, the company can get an overview of what needs to be implemented to make the recovery many possible.


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