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How Does Industrial Control Systems SecurityWork

Posted by NowlesNorman in Business on April 26th, 2018

Industrial Control Systems Security (ICS) is a type of security system that was simple but became complicated after the web was originated. It contained firewalls and zones that made sure certain networks did not matter within it. This was implemented because companies just wanted physical protection for their systems not worrying about any other type of protection. This is why most companies lacked any technological security. But this security type was pushed to the side when the internet came along and more threats came to life. These threats were including connectivity attacks that were purely made through the internet (where attackers can attack through accessing the website). Thus not requiring any physical need to see or observe the machine in order to attack it. This intern made the ICS security need enhancements which in turn made it more complicated than it was.

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security

As mentioned previously, ICS was first established for physical threats on where to add the physical machine so it cannot be stolen. However, as the internet surfaced new digital threats came out as a new type of attack. This is when industrial control systems cyber security was established. As the name gives it away, it was made for cyber protecting over the internet. As attackers kept coming forth and attacking, new actions and precautions had to be made. Thus a lot of virus control software’s began to be implemented. One software was “Malware” which was made to detect virus within the system and remove them on spot. As this was helpful, more and more attacking techniques came to surface which the Malware was not a match for at times. This it was needed to prioritize the security within the system since at times attackers can steal all the users’ information. Thus risking the whole brand of the system and it may never recover once it reaches that limit. This is why industrial control systems cyber security is a very important aspect that needs to keep evolving since it is what keeps our information on the internet safe and not sharable unless we want to display it.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/ICS

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), is very similar to ICS, yet is named differently because it was made from ICS. Therefore, some users may say that it is a part of it. Even though at many times, we will see that they are competitors with one another. However, keep in mind that the ICS is actually just physical protection (before the cyber protection was implemented). While the SCADA is more of an automation protection, this can be identified as the enhancement of ICS. SCADA is more into the protection of a large area that has importance (gas pipeline, power transmission). This makes it a very important aspect to have especially if the business at hand is a big deal. This protection is also known among users and officials; thus making it easier to communicate and explain what exactly is needed for the system at hand.


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