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What Are the Rules Of Online Blackjack?

Posted by NowlesNorman in Gambling on April 26th, 2018

Though online casino gaming industry has made inroads more than twenty years ago, some players are not very conversant with the rules and regulations of the online black jack. For the benefit of everyone, let’s find out how the game is played and what are the rules for playing online casino blackjack:

Origin of the Game

The origin of the word “blackjack” dates back to the land-based casinos in the USA. One of the incentives the casinos resorted to attracting more and more new players was to offer a bonus, the blackjack, which was a 1:10 payout to the winner with a hand of only the blackjack and an ace of spades. Though such an offer has become redundant, the name blackjack remained even now in the online casino gaming industry.

The very popular game blackjack is also referred to as 21. While playing against the dealer, each player tries to be closer to 21 points and the aim is to beat the dealer in any of the following methods:

The first two cards should be totaling to 21 referred as “natural” or “blackjack” prior to the dealer does.

Even though your total points do not exceed 21, at least you should be able to score higher than the dealer.

General Rules

The value of a card is its face value up to 9 while the face cards carry 10 points. The ace has a flexible value of either 1 or 11.

After drawing two cards, the player has an option either to “Hit”, which means to draw another card from the dealer. Alternatively, he can “Stand” thereby settling for the cards you have on hand.

Any player with the value equivalent to 21 or close to 21 is a winner in case there is no busting. In case the dealer busts, each player who is not bust is considered as a winner. You are said to be having a “soft” hand in case you are holding an ace with 11 points in which case you will never bust with the next card.

The dealer in the game is supposed to hit on reaching a score of 17 while the player has an option to hit or stand as per his wish.

The player without busting scores a value higher than the dealer, you are declared a winner and vice versa. In case both the dealer and player have the same score, it is considered as “Push” and you can recoup the bet.

If all the players go bust, the game ends without the play from a dealer. Unless the player is bust, stood or scored the requisite value of 21 points, the dealer does not play out their hand.

Insurance and Double Down

This side bet of “insurance” can be taken by a player when the dealer’s first card is an ace and the dealer has not revealed his second card. The insurance could be an up to half of the original bet and the chips are shifted to an insurance zone. While playing blackjack online if a player has a blackjack on hand, he can take the insurance and if he has paid the full amount of insurance on the blackjack, the term is referred as “taking even money”. He then receives his payout immediately even before the dealer shows his.


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