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Handle your medical emergency for Loan Against Property

Posted by Tusharsingh321 in Finance on September 12th, 2019

Lifestyle change is a constant thing when it comes to human beings all over the world. Nowadays, every man experiences a busy and competitive professional life where medical emergencies happen more frequently. Moreover, climate change and global increase in pollution have become a prominent reason why people of all ages are getting affected by different chronic diseases.

Although there a promising improvement in medical science, the treatment expenses have upsurge a lot. Most Indians face a critical situation while not being able to cope up with the costs of medical emergencies. A Loan Against Property can be a convenient way to get a lump-sum capital and meet the financial necessities. It is also known as a mortgage loan, and several banks and loan lending companies deliver it.

Basic Characteristics of Loan Against Property 

In the case of LAP, the borrower’s property acts as collateral. The lender can claim the complete ownership of the property if the borrower fails to make repayments according to the conditions. Furthermore, during the ongoing loan tenure, the lender has the right to own the property conditionally.

The capital depends on the overall condition of the property. The lenders also consider the tenure of the loan while giving away the LAP. For an outstanding property, one might get up to Rs. 3.5 crore as loan capital. The borrower can choose either taking the money in cash or an overdraft. 

You must always remember to gain precise knowledge about the EMI of the loan as well as the tenure. Mostly, mortgage loans have 7 to 20 years of tenure. However, these things largely depend on the lending organization. 

Steps To Get a LAP

The steps of getting a LAP is quite easy. First, you need to approach a bank for the loan. After the initial meeting, the bank carries a verification process. The bank professionals check the condition as well as the worth of the collateral.

If the bank allows you to deliver a loan, it becomes mandatory to produce the ownership proof of the collateral property. You can fill the application form after you provide the document proofs of your profession. The bank generally demands your salary slip and IT file as proof.

The loan capital can take much time to disburse as the verification process for a mortgage loan is a long process. So, you need to plan for your emergency necessities boldly.

Controlling Different Medical Emergencies

The most prominent situation one can face in terms of medical emergencies is urgent hospitalization. Surgeries might also be costly that you can pay by the loan capital.

Long and expensive medication or therapeutic cycles are common for different diseases. The cash you have got from the LAP can help you to meet them. You can also refer to the well-experienced and specialized doctors to enhance the right process of treatment and quick recovery. 

Several Indian Banks deliver the loans in favorable interest rates ranging between 8% to 14% on the capital. The EMI charges and penalties differ from bank to bank. It will be best if you compare the various loan structures and rates before taking a mortgage loan. The banks are always eager to provide extraordinary convenience to the customers. So, judge a bank by the amenities that you can get. 

Generally, it will become lucid for you to manage your finances for the repayment of the loan once the medical emergency is under control. The chances of getting lofty loan capitals can increase if your collateral property is well-maintained and devoid of any legal issues. You can always take suggestions from an expert regarding the mortgage loans and its operation.


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