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Is Your Shoulder Bag Causing You Pain

Posted by RemyKeith93 in Health on September 11th, 2019

Ladies are prone to carrying a large number of things in their shoulder bags. Their bags are what keep them going, ever-present when they need to fish out some item of importance from a group of things that lie in the depths of the bag. But lugging around a heavy shoulder bag carrying a plethora of personal items can do more harm than you can imagine.

Often, carrying a heavy bag can lead to a serious muscle spasm or pinched nerve. Its true that carrying big bags, specially the large-sized totes; is a fashion trend that most women adhere to. The problem ensues from carrying heavy items inside them.

Let’s assess the scenario: You have to commute for 2-3 hours daily with a bag that is literally half your size and has inside, your computer, gym clothes, make-up kit and a few hundred cosmetics along with office files and notebooks. With that kind of weight on your shoulder for a prolonged period of time, you have a very good chance of developing acute shoulder pain. Often this pain shoots through because the upper back muscles that support the shoulder blade are not able to balance the weight from your bag.

Of course, getting rid of the essentials is not a solution. So let us go thorough some pointers to help avoid pain ensuing from carrying a shoulder bag.

Balance it out

People tend to carry their bags constantly on the same shoulder. A lot of relief is generated when the load is distributed equally to both the right and left shoulders. So, to ensure your preferred side of the shoulder is not affected by continuous strain, try changing your sides from time to time. This will provide a good amount of relief to the shoulder nerves and muscles.

A bag that supports

Women tend to fancy chain link purses and other designer bags with straps that dig deep into the flesh and are extremely unhealthy for posture. For a balanced pain management technique, try switching to backpacks – this will distribute the strain evenly to both shoulders hence lessening the chances of soreness and acute shoulder pain.

Release the Load

No matter what, it is possible to lighten the weight by carrying items that are absolutely essential. Get rid of junk from your bag. It is as simple as that. Before every journey, scrutinize the contents of your bag and do away with the stuff that you do not need. This is the easiest way to avoid muscle spasms and the chronic pain emanating from that.

Wellness and Exercise

Your daily workout can help you get rid of any postural pain and that includes shoulder pain from a heavy bag. Most doctors recommend yoga, running or some basic warm-up exercise on a daily basis to keep your body healthy and fit.

In case you have experienced nagging muscular pain in any part of your body for more than a week; do not delay visiting the doctor.

If you reside in Melbourne and are looking for an alternative medical approach for your shoulder pain, search for Melbourne Osteopaths who can help you deal with your chronic pain, and also with general fitness measures irrespective of age or gender.


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