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DoDots and How Can Content Influence Web Users

Posted by LarryTagart in Business on April 16th, 2018

If you have never even heard about DoDots, you should know that you have been missing out on relevant information regarding the technology that has helped today’s apps become so useful for the regular consumer. Even though it might be hard to believe, DoDots Tony Medrano was somehow thought ahead of its time, when web users wanted to have access to bits of web content using all of their interned connected devices. The problem was that they needed to rely on a web browser and go through entire document like pages to get to where they wanted to.

Nowadays, you can not even imagine having to deal with content that you are not interested in. That is because of the fact that we are used to having access to what we want right now. We do not have the patience to sift through the available types of content until we find what we need. The main concept behind DoDots was that user’s behaviour could be tracked and influenced by branded Dots.

Try to think about all the information you deal with while using your smartphone on a daily basis. You rely on so many apps that provide useful content, but you also receive notifications without asking for them. Maybe you use an app to shop for certain items you need. The same app will track your actions online and will notify you if the price for an item you recently saw has dropped. They are trying to influence your behaviour, even if you do not always pay attention to these notifications.

What you should know about DoDots Tony Medrano is that the company is no longer on the market. It was relevant enough time to offer the world a few different ideas that have managed to get through to companies that wanted to make a difference and really offer the web user a more than pleasant experience. When it comes to convincing consumers to take different actions, a direct notification can go a long way. Just try to compare this to having him take a look at a few different types of content.

When the user journey is not predefined, you can consider the consumer to be unpredictable. Well, these Dots were meant to make individuals who benefited from this technology take specific actions. If you think about it from the point of view of an ecommerce shop, you would definitely want to have access to an easier way of convincing a prospective customer to become a paying one. It is all a matter of understanding the consumer’s needs and meeting them halfway.  You could consider this a win-win situation where both consumers and business’s get what they want.

Are you still curious about the advantages of DoDots and what it wanted to offer web users? If the answer is yes, you should know that any information you might require about the company and the technology behind it is available a simple click away. Check out the DoDots Tony Medrano articles today!


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