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Boost the Functionality of Your Kitchen with Sub-Zero Appliances

Posted by adamsmith in Shopping on April 13th, 2018

The modern kitchen is much more than a utilitarian space; as the hub of your home, the kitchen serves many purposes, from cooking meals to accommodating guests. Needless to mention, like any other functional space, an efficient kitchen requires good quality appliances. As an internationally renowned brand, Sub-Zero strives to offer the very best solution for your kitchen. Specializing in an impressive range of appliances, from refrigerators, ice makers to wine storage, Sub-Zero has become a popular name in many Texan homes.

Why Should You Choose Sub-Zero Refrigerators?

With almost 70 years of experience in the industry, Sub-Zero Houston is a leading brand, which enables users to preserve food items at ultra-low temperatures. Here are some notable features of sub-zero refrigerators that will make you rethink your different options:

  • Sub-Zero offers dual refrigeration systems which are built with two different units which can preserve both fresh food and frozen items.
  • Sub-Zero refrigerators are suitable for preserving food at “sub-zero” temperatures, allowing users to optimize the freshness of the food and avoid the intermixing of different flavors and smells.  
  • Sub-Zero refrigerators are available with compressors and vacuum seal which prevent the outside air from mixing with the dry freezer air.
  • All the cooling units, which come with GUI interfaces, allow users to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator as and when required.
  • These refrigerators are equipped with air scrubbers to check the ethylene gas, which is produced from moldy food and vegetables, from spreading further.
  • Since all the cooling centers come with advanced shelving solutions, specially coated with nanotechnology, the shelves prevent the spills from spreading into remote parts of the refrigerator.

Appliances on Offer

All Sub-Zero products are recognized for its modular designs which can be tailored to fit into any existing units without much difficulty. Sub-Zero’s unique range of refrigeration solutions includes: 

Sub-Zero Refrigerators:

  • Sub-Zero Freezers
  • Sub-Zero Wine Coolers
  • Sub-Zero Beverage Centers
  • Sub-Zero Ice Makers

Sub-Zero Refrigeration Accessories:

  • Sub-Zero Accessories
  • Sub-Zero Door Panels
  • Sub-Zero Doors
  • Sub-Zero Handles
  • Sub-Zero Accessory Kits

Energy Saving Solutions for Your Home

All Sub-Zero refrigerators are available with dual units which are manufactured in ergonomic models using energy efficient materials. Also, the refrigerators are built with airtight seals, triple-pane glass doors, and evaporator, which can go a long way in enabling you to cut down your electricity bills subsequently. In addition to this, all these appliances are produced with durable components which ensure greater longevity. Unlike regular refrigerators, which last for 13 years, Sub-Zero refrigeration solutions can last for decades provided the systems are properly maintained.

Available across numerous retail stores, Sub-Zero is a renowned name among Houston homeowners. Whether it is an outdoor kitchen or an indoor one, Sub-Zero offers an extensive array of refrigeration solutions can be integrated into any given space, helping you design a highly functional kitchen.


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