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A Few Truly Genuine Melbourne Experiences

Posted by ericasanders in Travel on April 13th, 2018

The best way to take in a country is through its experiences. Doing and seeing as much as you can only help enrich your knowledge and awareness of the place. Which is why travel is such a booming industry. The world is spread out with countries and lands of all shapes, sizes, and characters that enable varied travel experiences. From the deserts of Australia to snow-covered mountaintops in Europe, the beauty of our planet really does hit hard. Though it is not always possible to see all of it in one lifetime, whatever you do, make sure you do it well. Take a look at some of the most authentic experiences you can be a part of Australian tourist guide in Melbourne.

Watch an AFL Game or a Cricket Match

Australia is a country that takes its cricket pretty seriously. So it is only fair that they have beautifully maintained cricket grounds, one of which is in the Melbourne city. Even if you might not be terribly interested in either game, if you have time to slot it in and there is a game of some kind on, go. Grab some delicious Aussie beer in one hand, a meat pie in the other and walk into the electric atmosphere inside. It is so contagious, it envelopes you in seconds, and soon you will find yourself hooting and hollering with the rest, without the slightest idea of what exactly is going on.

image source: Pexels

Head to Coffee Capitals

Along with a reputation for being the world’s most liveable city many times, Melbourne is just as famously known for its dedication to coffee. Mark out streets and alleyways that have quaint little cafes set up all over the place. Though there are often many people hanging around, there is a sense of peace and privacy from the world. So even if all you want to do is go and read a book for a while sipping on a Latte after a day of sightseeing around Melbourne, you will be fine. Try out different kinds of different forms just to taste as many as you can.

Head to A Food Truck

Though this might not seem like a stupendously authentic thing to do, when it is done in Melbourne it actually is. Melbourne adopted the concept soon after it was first released in the Californian landscape. You can find just about any cuisine your heart desires since Melbourne has a wonderful mix of many nationalities. The multiple cultural influences have had a brilliant result of food, making eating here an absolute delight. These food trucks are particularly excellent after some drinking or a day on the beach. There are some famous names out there, so look them up and head right over.

Go To a Festival

There are festivals of all kinds taking place frequently throughout the year and if you are around for one, do not miss it. There is always so much energy and interesting things going on which really broadens your horizons. If you want, you can look ahead for dates when these festivals happen so you can find one you like. Ask any friends or family who might be living there what is going on as well for a better idea.



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