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Bouncy castle rentals in Rockland County: Delivering joy

Posted by abigaylemark in on July 28th, 2015

There is a child in almost all of us-- who adores things that are funny, cute and make-believe. Much like toys and playgrounds and differently shaped models made of plasticine, inflatable castles or bounce houses as they are called have been a craze among children. Parties themed on such structures are very popular in United States just like everywhere. Bouncy castle rentals in Rockland County have opened up fresh avenues of jumping joy by handing over an entire range of portable and inflatable items. Once you get products from bounce house rentals NJ, your kids will have a very enjoyable and safe experience.


Inflatable structures like bounce castles have a long history behind them. They were invented by a mechanical engineer and expanded into a customized facility for production and rental by his wife. Originally, they marketed a bouncing space walk to children’s parties and birthdays. But the industry slowly grew and there was a demand for higher sophistication and safety. The bouncy castle rentals in RocklandCounty today thus have to subscribe to very harsh standards of construction design and operation. Bounce house rentals NJ must have their inflatable items pass through the safety standards before allowing the equipment to be given on rent.


Bouncy castle rentals in Rockland County are committed to provide quality designs for the recreation of their young customers. They own an exciting range of bouncy items, so, for creating an inflatable play-house they would have everything from the roof or tent, to sitting spaces like chairs and tables. Their wet and dry slides are particularly fun for children. Mostly the inventory at bounce house rentals NJ can recreate any ambience like a zoo, fairy-lands, imperial castles and so on. Each product is available at a very affordable price, especially because the delivery is free of cost.


To see the products and get a sense of the fun that awaits you, you can watch exciting videos of the inflatable houses offered by bouncy castle rentals in RocklandCounty. These would prompt you to avail of their reserving facilities and book bounce house rentals NJ for your next theme party. The pricing list is very transparent and for any additional queries you can directly contact the owners. The hygiene standards are scrupulously maintained by them as they deodorize the bounce house before and after every rent agreement. Since the playhouses are meant for kids they take no chance in maintaining safety and cleanliness.


At a nominal deposit, you can get exemplary products from bounce house rentals NJ with guaranteed safety. Moreover, insurance and certification from state authorities testify the degree of their responsible servicing. So, by visiting bouncy castle rentals in RocklandCountyor looking up their online portal, you would be very tempted to get lost in the wonderful maze of childhood fantasies. You can watch your child playfully racing with friends in bouncing obstacle courses, tunnels and slides. The famous moonwalk bouncing house which popularized this creative, inflatable form could be at your backyard with just a phone call to the rental house today.


Get affordable inflatable items for theme parties from bouncy castle rentals in Rockland County. Contact bounce house rentals NJ for a range of fun-filled jumping castles today.


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