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Sip your rooibos tea any time of the day for a heavenly taste

Posted by LarryTagart in Food on April 8th, 2018

Tea is a beverage that never bores us – we love to have a cup every morning, be it summer or winter. It is actually amazing that tea comes in various flavours and it is worthwhile sampling some of them. Not only do you get the health benefits of tea but also the different flavour samples that make tea even more special. Products like rooibos tea and white tea are now freely available in the UK and they already have a massive number of takers.

The best part of tea is that it can be made in the simplest manner. You hardly need time for making a steaming cup in the morning and once done, the tea creates a heavenly aromatic atmosphere inside your home. A cup of tea in the morning also offers you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with yourself or your partner. Legend has it that Shen Nung, the Chinese Emperor, discovered tea in 2737 BC when a leaf fell into a bowl of hot water. Since then, tea has remained the favourite beverage of many all over the world.

The modern teas have less caffeine content and focus more on natural aroma. Tea is a highly flexible beverage that can be easily blended with a wide range of natural herbs and plant extracts to give it that special status.

While China and India are the first names that come to mind in relation to tea, the beverage is made in many other parts of the world too. For centuries, rooibos tea has been cultivated in South Africa and it has a slightly sweet and smooth taste that is gaining worldwide popularity. This tea is devoid of caffeine and contains high doses of vitamins and anti-oxidants. This tea can be had at any time of the day and instantly refreshes you.

White tea, on the other hand, is primarily harvested in China and is also produced in countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand. This tea has different styles but broadly, it refers to the young leaves of Camellia sinensis plant that have been minimally processed. While the name of this tea contains white, it has a pale yellow colour when brewed.

It is said that this tea was once exclusively reserved for the emperors because of its health benefits. The tender buds are handpicked on two days every year just before the leaves open. Since the processing is minimal, this tea is naturally sweet and delicate and has a subtle taste. High in anti-oxidants, this variety of teas has a small caffeine content.

You can have your tea in any form and the delicious aroma of it is bound to do great things to your body. These days, teas are available in different flavours and each blend has its own unique taste and benefits. Making your cup of tea is as simple as they come – brew the tea leaves in hot water for a couple of minutes and you are ready for a heavenly sip.

Both rooibos tea and white tea are low in caffeine and high in anti-oxidants.


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