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Who Requires A Franking Machine? - Big Or Small Businesses

Posted by mailcoms in Business on April 3rd, 2018

Any business that does a lot of mailing can easily relate to the cost-saving aspect of a franking machine. In other words, a business that does a lot of mails on a daily basis can save a lot of money by using a franking machine. Now small businesses are enjoying the benefits of using postage machines that are used previously by big businesses to send mail in bulk.

Franking machines for big businesses

It is just not possible for the big businesses to take the mail of such a high volume to the post office every day. Because of this, purchasing or taking a high-volume postage machine on lease from one of the Franking Machine Suppliers and fixing it in a separate mailroom is the best way to deal with the mailing requirements of the business. High-volume postage machines usually come with user-friendly features like accounting facilities (vary from machine to machine) along with fast and automatic sorting of mail.

Franking Machine Suppliers

Postage Machine for small businesses

Like big businesses, small businesses are also enjoying the benefit of using its own postage meter that easily reduces the postage cost up to 30%. Furthermore, the machine totally eliminates the business' need to visit the Post Office for any of the reasons.

In addition, small businesses are boosting their future business growth by exhibiting their professional behavior, improving branding and allowing themselves to enjoy great flexibility on sending mails through the machine. There are many low-priced postage machines available in the market (along with rental option) that can easily fulfill the need of low-volume mailing customers and can be easily kept in a corner of the office for the franking requirements.

Postage Meter’s Important Features:

The features you require solely depend on the amount of mail you are most likely to send through the machine. It is of no use to spend money on a device that has complicated features that you will never use, but at the same time, you also need to think of the future requirements of your business. Steal the time from your busy schedule to compare the features and evaluate your postal requirements that will offer you good returns in future.

These are some features that you need to consider while choosing your franking machine:

1. The machine should be integrated with envelope, auto-feed and alignment systems to avoid paper jams
2. The machine automatically clears the control panel just to offer easy navigation.
3. The machine should be integrated with weighing scale for weighing parcels and envelopes of standard size
4. The machine should have inkjet printing to ensure clear and non-erasable franking
5. The machine should have envelope sealing features
6. The machine must have the ability to print numerous messages and logos
7. The machine is Password protected
8. The machine should be provided with accounting features and reporting tools to keep an eye on your mailing expenses.


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