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Security Operations Center and Cybersecurity - Why SOC Matters

Posted by NowlesNorman in Internet on March 31st, 2018

Sophisticated and more frequent - cybersecurity attacks nowadays are becoming more challenging and not to mention, more potentially damaging. With the increasing rates of cyber-attacks and data breaches, an attack is almost always imminent. Hence, security is no longer something that organizations can just put aside. Instead, security is becoming more important today than it was, years before.

Intruders now have different ways to infiltrate an organization's system. These attackers are just lurking around, waiting for the opportunity to find the weak points of an organization and use them to their advantage. Implementing a standard list of security technologies is therefore imperative for an organization's overall protection. These technologies may include:

  • A Robust Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection System or Intrusion Prevention System Software
  • Anti-spam Software
  • Antivirus
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Closed-Circuit Television or CCTV Cameras

To counter complex and more advanced cyber-attacks, a well-equipped and up-to-date SOC is but one of the most important systems any corporate structure must establish.

SOC - What It Is and Why It Matters foran Organization

SOC or Security Operations Center can be defined as a team consisting of skilled and highly-organized individuals that are responsible for the enhancement and consistent monitoring of an organization's security as well as regulatory compliance. The team closely works in preventing, identifying, assessing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents and threats with the aid of the right procedures and methodologies and applicable technologies.

Having a dedicated Security Operations Center offers a lot of benefits in an organization, mainly because it allows complete visibility over potential threats and attacks and at the same time, offer speedy solutions in an event that a breach of security takes place.

The following are some of the benefits of having a solid security SOC in your organization:

  1. Security attacks can be determined right away and immediate threat mitigation measures can be done to stop attackers from causing harm in the organization.
  2. Speedy response time and backup plans will be in place so business interruptions will be avoided.
  3. In case an attacker is able to penetrate, the recovery time is quicker.
  4. Tools will be readily available for planning, managing and auditing as needed.

The Top 3 Best SOC Practices

Almost everything is now automated and can be done over the internet. This also means that everyday organizations are vulnerable from security attacks and the need to implement SOC cybersecurity strategies could not be overstated.

Generally, SOC can be costly and time-consuming. It requires consistent efforts and attention to be effective. While solid SOC automation entails hard work and is definitely not achieved overnight, here are some of the recommended best practices to keep in mind when you are orchestrating a security operations center:

Establish a Comprehensive Process

A comprehensive and well-planned SOC process ensure coherence and that security gaps are properly identified to manage security threats.

Technology Competency

The use of competent technology is vital in building effective SOC. You will want to use advanced and robust technology to combat these intricate cyber-attacks.

Invest on Team Expertise

No matter how advanced your technology is, without proper execution and handling, everything can just go down the drain. Be sure to train your team to optimize your SOC strategy.


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