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Where Should You Invest in a Logistics Management Software

Posted by NowlesNorman in Other on March 30th, 2018

It seems like the questions on everyone's mind these days when it comes to restaurants or a business that sells any product at all, is 'Do they deliver?' People don't want to leave the comfort of their own homes anymore, and they don't really have to. Everyone delivers, and if they don't then they are really missing out on a lot of consumers out there. And there is really no excuse not to delivery when restaurant delivery management software systems make everything so easy for you! So, what is holding you back?

Here's a list of some of the best restaurant delivery management system option out there, to help you keep up with the times and increase your sales:

Delo for Restaurant

Adelo for Restaurants is one of the most popular systems out there to work with because it it has the added bonus of being completely multi-lingual. Anyone can use this system to improve their restaurant ad it is efficient and easy to use.


Onfleet is a great system for any business owner, not just restaurants. Onfleet is extremely popular in a lot of industries and it is quite easy to see why. Keeping up with the ever moving line of technology, Onfleet offers driver tracking and automatic text messages to alert customers through their foods journey form your restaurant to their front door. It also offers smart phone applications for drivers, and a real-time database for dispatch operators. In short, if you aren't using Onfleet, you are making a mistake.


Edelivery is quite new to the game but it has some promise. It claims to be the first delivery system application that was built with a mobile first approach. Smart phone friendly, this system is basic, but it will get the job done.


Bigtree is another basic application software, however, it does have a few small gems to set it aside from its competitors. For instance, with Bigtree, you can edit your menu easily and manage gift cards for your restaurant. The rest is pretty much standard, but if you are looking for a basic model, then this just be the one for you.

Restaurant logistics is not an easy task to solve, but one that any restaurant owner knows is absolutely essential when it comes to running your business in the best way possible. Finding a fast and efficient way to deliver your food to your customers should be a number one priority at the moment, as every restaurant is competing to bring in loyal customers, and loyal customers love to stay in and have their food come to them. There can be no good excuse to not delivering your food in this day and age, and not only will it keep you on the map, it will keep your reputation intact. You don't want to be the only restaurant who doesn't deliver, do? Invest in a logistics management software, and you are investing in your own future.




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