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Unavoidable WordPress Web Development Tips in Gold Coast

Posted by zephyrmedia in Business on August 20th, 2019

Web development is a continuous task to provide stability and security to a website, and it often makes a website heavy with all that trash posts and coding. For now, WordPress is CMS that everyone uses as the news says. It is around 35 percent of people who develops a website on WordPress.

Indeed, web development is a process of creating websites through languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Well, we are talking about WordPress here. It uses HTML and CSS most.

A web developer manages the content, develops different plugins if needed, and maintains a clean website to increase the loading time on desktop and mobile. This person not just do the development on WordPress, further goes through the nights and days of sleeplessness in the initial days of development. However, everything after a website is running and all, the client does give appreciation.

Well, let’s know unavoidable tips for WordPress web development in Gold Coast that makes the difference of developing a superfast and readable website.

Remember, these tips are for expert-level developers and people looking for web development services. Otherwise, please read it for fun of knowledge!

Backup and cPanel

cPanel is a home for a website, where everything you need about and for the site is available. If it is hacked or even messed with will delete whatever you may have collected for months or years.

Take back up every single file present in the cPanel to safeguard any unforeseen happening. For this, there is a backup plugin available, or one can create a personal one. It will take time but worth all that time as well.

You can export all your data contents of posts, pages, and other things like images and videos in a single in the admin area of CMS.

Trash and Publish

Websites get slow when there are trash posts and pages lining up for nothing. Take some time out and delete or publish them. As per the WordPress, it deletes the trash files after 30 days but can be disabled.

If you go with the trends of sharing content that has value, then you can go ahead and publish if a post is in the trash folder for a month now and someone has written that on unconventional topic. Nothing is waste over the internet, but you need to publish quality and not the quantity.

Moreover, some duplicate tags and categories cause search engines to avoid crawling over your website, so ensure you are taking care of these as well.

Remove Some Things

As a website owner, you should understand that themes and plugins can make your website slow on loading. There are plugins available for removing extra bundles or catches in your database. Never underestimate that these will not do anything to your website. Right now, 95 percent of users are mobile users and if they feel waited in reaching to your site, and so you will lose customers.

In conclusion, don’t avoid what there is to be done. Ensure your websites fast and secure development with these tips. In case you are busy and cannot take the initiatives for web development at Gold Coast, visit Zephyr Media.


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