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Two Easy Steps to Achieve Success at Horse Racing

Posted by gamingconsultants in Games on March 28th, 2018

An old proverb “Birds of a feather flock together" applies to the horse racing winners. If you look at some important handicapping factors, you will notice that horse racing winners are nearly the same. If you want to be on the winner side, here are a few but crucial things to consider.

Let us discuss statistics of Horse racing before anything else. Some specific statistics are considered everywhere and one of them is the health and strength of horses which may vary significantly because they are living animals. Here I am talking about the horse racing's recency factor.

Horse Racing Statistics

According to the horse racing statistics, the majority of winners have raced within a month of their winning efforts. If you don't believe that's true, just look through some of the old horse racing events and you will find it's true. But it is also true that statistics are prone to be affected by other factors, which mean they can vary from week to week or month to month, in order to avoid this possibility, winners have raced within 30 days of their winning race.

And this thing makes sense even because they are living beings and have the cycles of low and high energies. They are usually trained by the trainer and regularly brought up to their optimum performance. The pressure of racing builds up with time and the performance of the horses begin to decline after they reach their peak point. It means that you have to race them as soon as they show their best performance; else you will definitely stand on losing side.

Another horse racing statistics is the speed. Speed is quite an evident factor which you can notice from any racing event with speed figures and past performances. There is a big possibility that the winner will be one of the three horses with the fastest speed in its previous racing event. Now if we talk about those statistics, how much you guys pay attention to those statistics before placing a bet on any horse racing event. It is definitely a contradictory thing in which you place a bet against the crowd, but if you follow those two statistics, you may face a tough time.

A horse racing system can be termed as the most efficient one when a handicapper understands all horse racing basics. So, handicapper has to understand the basics in order to win the race.



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