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Prepare Your Air Conditioner Unit for Adverse Weather

Posted by Johncorter in Home on March 26th, 2018

Adverse weather conditions can play havoc on the outdoor parts of the air conditioner and heating units. As a homeowner, you should take some time to consider the impact of bad weather on your home appliances. If adverse weather is predicted, you can protect the heating and cooling systems with just a little foresight and preparation.

If you are based in Cumming, it is crucial to have the contact of an air conditioning repair company in Cumming ready so that you can call them for repairs or maintenance once the severe weather has passed. There are several air conditioning companies in Cumming.


Here are some ways in which you can take care of your heating and cooling systems when you are expecting severe weather in your area.

 1) Switch off Your Heating or Cooling Systems - The most common thing with severe weather is a power surge. The sudden increase in power can damage your heating or cooling system. Make sure your system is switched off, and as an added precaution you can switch off the circuit breaker to make sure it's completely off.

 2) Cover it Up – While the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is made to handle water, an excessive amount of water can still damage it. You can use an outer unit cover or a tarp to cover the compressor. Once the severe weather is over make sure you take the tarp off and check everything is dry before switching it back on again.

3) Clean Up The Area – During storms and high winds, debris can hit your outer unit and damage it. Make sure your yard or garden is clean of all kinds of debris and everything is secure from the high winds.

 4) Prepare for Repairs – If your system is standing in water, don't switch it on. Call a company that offers heating repair in Norcross. If any stray debris or flying objects have hit your unit and there are dents or breakage on the surface of the compressor or the outer unit, get in touch with a technician for heating repair in Norcross.

 Central Heating and Air Conditioning is a reputable company offering services for heating and air conditioning repair in Norcross and Cumming. The company also provides a complete range of maintenance, servicing, and installation of all kinds of heating and air conditioning systems. Find out more by visiting or call 404-261-2280. Emergency repair services are available as well.  


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