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Commercial Office Fitout Trends in 2019

Posted by RemyKeith93 in Business on August 12th, 2019

2018 saw the incorporation of ergonomics, technological changeovers, adaptability and modularity as the biggest trends in office fitouts. 2019 is predicted to be about the continuation of these very trends along with the emergence of some new ones.

The following are some of the most popular trends that are on the rise so far:

Branding with Pop Colours

The usage of bright colours strewn across an office space is a trend continuing from last year. A valuable addition to this has been using specific brand colours for furniture and accessories. Office Designers in Melbourne are going for loud representation of the Brand name, motto, tagline or Logo across the office space. It could be a simple standee beside the receptionist or a huge company Logo plastered on the eating area walls. This imminently increases the brand value along with adding that personal touch into a working area.

Feel at home furniture

Another huge trend this year is the mixture of commercial and residential décor in office spaces. Starts ups are big on those quintessential lounge areas with beanbags, couches and swing sets and brightly lit breakout areas with gaming consoles and bright colours. Some companies have gone a step ahead and introduced the idea of sofa-chairs in place of traditional office furniture. The employees must have the maximum comfort and what better way to implement this than incorporating homely elements into the office spaces.

Biophilic Designs

When it comes to new-age office fitouts Melbourne is seeing more and more biophilic architecture being brought into designing office spaces. This phrase even has been coined quite recently. Biophilic designs incorporate indoor and outdoor nature elements into a space through the smart usage of natural or artificial greenery, lots of light and other innovations. It is said that the closer one is to nature, the more efficient he/she will be in everyday chores, bonding and relationships and lastly, a healthy work environment.

Health & Wellness in fitouts

Instead of focussing on sustainability, employers today are bent towards the comfort and well being of their workers. Much stress is being put on using toxin-free fit outs with lots of fresh, clean air, spotless, infestation free eating areas along with a compulsory resting area for occasional relaxation. It has been proven that people tend to put in their best efforts in a when they can sense the general feeling of bonhomie and the thought their employer is putting into making them comfortable.

We are almost about halfway through the year and things have been looking great in the office décor industry. There is a large scope for designers today as the very basics of office culture has changed almost entirely in the last decade or so. It is no longer about the employers, it is about the people who put in their sweat and toil day after day, everyday to come up with the desired results.

 A lot of value is attached to teamwork today and employers are smart enough to incorporate better values and healthier work ethics through modern, trendy and eye-catching design elements in the work place. We are eagerly waiting to see what the next year has in store for us!





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