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Gojek Clone App: Versatile App for the Versatile Entrepreneur in You

Posted by william07 in Business on August 12th, 2019

Gojek Clone

We are living in an era where we can have everything we want right at our doorstep. With the arrival of super app, users can now enjoy multiple services. A multiservice app like Gojek is a big hit among people. Acting as a bridge between users and multiple service providers, some of the popular services offered by Gojek include - food delivery, massage, tutoring, grocery delivery, etc. 

Mobile phone users don’t want to install a number of apps and they are worried about their device storage space. Multiservice apps are of great help for such users who can now avail every service with a single application. Once Gojek has become popular, it’s now the dream of entrepreneurs and business owners to create an app similar to it in their geographical regions. 

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to create a similar business? Then this blog is for you, read on to know more about the business model, app development process and so on. Developing a multiservice app isn’t an easy task as it seems. 

There are various stages in app development which include ideation, design, conception, testing, launch and reach among audience. Building a one-stop app is a complex and complicated process. If you contact a team of expert designers, and developers, app development is a walk in the park. But this method of app creation is not viable for entrepreneurs who wish to start their business in a short span at a low budget. 

Is there a second option? 

There’s a second option for everything; a smarter and secure option. Have you heard of Gojek clone app before? Clone apps are legal and you can tweak an application as per your business requirements. 

A multitude of app development companies are offering Gojek clones and it is difficult to find the best company in the field. We, at AppDupe, have perfected the clones with top-notch features, unique design and advanced technology.  

The Gojek clone provides services under three main categories - Ride, Delivery, Other Services. You can include all sorts of ride - car, bike, boat and so on. In delivery, you can tie up with various on-demand delivery services such as food, grocery, etc. Other services include massage, cuddling, beauty service, dog walking, etc.

Let’s take a detailed look at the features you can include in your multiservice app, 

  • Multiple payment methods

It allows the user to pay through various modes like cash, card, and multiple modes of online payment. 

  • Rate card

If the user is not sure of the proper destination, the rate card gives a rate in accordance with the distance travelled. 

  • Live vehicle tracking

It notifies the customers of the location of the delivery and it helps both the riders and drivers to track each other. 

  • Promo codes

It allows the users of the app to enjoy offers and discounts, thereby helping you to bring more customers to business. 

  • Analytics tracking

It collects the user based data and with this feedback, you can improve the services provided. 

People love to avail every service from a single solution and this led to the demand for such multiservice apps. Enter the lucrative world of on-demand with an advanced Gojek clone app and make money in no time. 


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