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Bouncy castle rentals in Rockland County for a rocking, fun-filled birthday part

Posted by abigaylemark in on July 28th, 2015

It’s your kiddo’s birthday and you want to plan a grand party that is packed with fun, surprises and goodies. You have invited your child’s friends at home and you are thinking of unique ways to keep the young brigade busy. You can add a wow factor to the birthday party by renting an amazing bounce house or inflatable slides in your backyard. If you are in New Jersey, look for New Jersey bounce house rentals that are amazing and affordable. If the birthday is in the middle of hot summer months you can even arrange for a splashing party that will cool off the kids as they bounce up and down the bouncy house. For booking bouncy castle rentals in RocklandCounty find out what you are expected to do.


When you are looking for New Jersey bounce house rentals you should first keep safety in mind because the inflatable should be able to take the weight of the kids, and since there are slides and obstacles in the bounce house all the safety measures should be in place in order to avoid accidents or any untoward incidents. Along with renting the structure you can also ask for an attendant at an additional cost so that the inflatable is never left unattended. If you do not require assistance, you should make sure that one adult is always supervising the bounce house and looking after the kids. For a theme birthday party, bouncy castle rentals RocklandCounty are a great choice and can bring the priceless smile on your child’s face.


Once you register with an agency, choose an inflatable that you would like for the party and let them know about the date and venue of the party. Most of the bounce houses are rented for the whole day for hours of fun. New Jersey bounce house rentals from a known and established source will guarantee clean and properly maintained inflatable that the kids will simply find irresistible. There are bouncy castle rentals in Rockland county, combo bounce house with jump area as well as slides, theme-based bounce house for example, Disney princess castle, sports house, giant inflatable slides and a lot more. Depending on the age and preference of your child you can decide on the product and learn about its price on the website of the rental agency.


Find out whether the product delivery is free and is set up by the agency representatives. Choose a product that would fit in your backyard or a party venue. If you do have space constraints discuss your problem with the company so that they can suggest products in accordance to your requirement. Also, read the conditions if any to install and place the inflatable. For example, in most cases it is suggested that the floor should be flat and there should not be any sharp objects or debris on the ground for New Jersey bounce house rentals. The website will have all the details regarding booking and cancellation of the product, and cost of damage if any. Bouncy castle rentals in Rockland County can be the star of the party and get you a huge thank you hug from your elated little one.


For your child’s next birthday party consider the fun and exciting bounce houses from New Jersey bounce house rentals, You can choose various structures such as theme-based bounce house, slides or bouncy castle rentals in Rockland County and surprise you kid.


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