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The Future of Email Marketing Requires Predictive Analytics Consulting

Posted by chaintom in Technology on August 8th, 2019

The major goal of any organization is to grow business and sales as much possible.

At first, it might seem like an immense taskhow are you supposed to broaden your customer base and sell more products to your existing customers with minimal challenges?

Don’t worry! Technology has your back.

Implementing Predictive analytics consulting to your e-mail marketing campaign can deliver high revenue and increase customer’s propensity to buy your products.

But, before we dive in, let’s get into the basics of what exactly predictive analytics is.



What is Predictive Analytics?

Even if you have heard predictive analytics numerous times, what it is and how it works with your business are crucial things to know.

Firstly, predictive analytics includes a piece of software that will analyze the past customer data such as what made a customer buy a product or to perform a specific action and will predict customer’s future action based on this.

After this, your marketing team sends the latest offers or personalized information to customers based on the predictions. Research shows this results in an 80% chances of a customer buying your products.

“Predictive analytics will play an important part in marketing in future… but the creative side is yet to unleash. It will show you patterns but the requirement of real people to implement the patterns will always be there. Predictive analytics will simply take away all the research hassles so that you can focus more on creating new tactics.” – Pete Boyle

Why E-mail Marketing?

When it comes to connecting with current and prospective patrons, email marketing is the most effective.

Case in point:

  • 80% of marketers believe that it keeps customers on-board
  • It generates for every spent on offers and campaigns
  • 81% of marketers believe that email marketing is the easiest way to acquire the customers in the first place

With the bitter fact in mind that it’s not certain that your email marketing initiatives will be successful, using predictive analytics in conjunction with it increases your chance of success.

Use Predictive Analytics with Email Marketing to Sell Smarter       

Undoubtedly, predictive analytics can enhance your ability to acquire customers smartly and can retain the customer for a longer period. In addition, setting up predictive analytics software might include a decent cost, but is it worth spending when you are getting access to all your customer data that is improving your marketing approach. The more you will spend on predictive analytics, the more you will leverage the customers.

Below are some of the steps to use predictive analytics with email marketing:

The journey to you.

Marketing to new customers is much more difficult than marketing to existing customers and fans. Predictive analytics software considers “behind the scene” data including the actions your new prospects take when visiting your site. This data may include – a specific web page or site the prospect visited before registering to your website or the reference website that directed the prospect to your website.

When it comes to selling, predictive analytics software offers multiple options. If the customer is yet to buy your product, the software will offer you valuable products and if the purchase has been made, the software will suggest more products after a certain amount of time.



Wrapping Up

Human behavior is predictable. However, it’s difficult to predict manually.

Predictive analytics allows you to examine your patron metaphorically under a microscope of the software and scrutinize it even in their most innocuous-seeming behavior. You can develop a healthy relationship with your customer and entice them to purchase more and more of your products.  ExistBI offer advanced Predictive analytics consulting in the US, UK and Europe, Contact their experienced team for more details.   


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