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Rekindle your passion for rock

Posted by studio72 in on December 8th, 2015

It is never too late to learn music, irrespective of whether you have the basic skills or none at all, and, life for the musically inclined, in Singapore, just got a whole lot better. The Academy of Rock is a one of a kind music school with an ambience befitting some of the top names in the industry. The studio has the feel that combines an underground vibe with an up market music bar, finished with the stylish air of an uptown coffer bar in Manhattan. The studio can be used to organize gigs, learn, network with other musicians or simply jam with your friends.

The best music lessons in town

If your objective is to learn an instrument, and you live in Singapore, then your music lessons must come from the academy. They offer lessons for the ukulele, keyboard, guitar, drums and bass. Lessons include an introduction to the instrument, tuning, rhythm and chords, hand coordination, reading notes and tablature etc. The courses may vary in terms of content depending on the instrument that you are learning. However, the end objective of every module is to enable you to play the instrument with or without others and to play music with ease. Some of the course modules also have sessions on improvisation.

An instrument is not the only option

Making music is not always about playing an instrument. In fact if you’d rather sing, the rock academy in Singapore also offers singing lessons. The course module for vocals teaches you the basic elements that are required to sing, it determines the quality and type of your voice, it teaches you proper posture and breathing techniques, and it also teaches you how to maintain your voice and resonate it. The objective of the course is, to give you the fundamentals of vocal technique, equip you with the knowledge of how to control your breathing and posture, teach you how to sing in harmony, and for you to develop your style, whether you are performing solo or with an ensemble.

There’s something for the kids too

The academy also has music lessons for kids of all ages. The music lessons for kids include courses for the keyboard, guitar and vocals etc. Most parents like to introduce their kids to music from a very young age and the academy offers them an excellent platform for this. In addition to this, the atmosphere and performances that the kids are exposed to, inspire them to become great musicians.

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