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Learn how the DoDots patent Tony Medrano delivers internet content

Posted by LarryTagart in Business on March 16th, 2018

Dots let you take your online content to where it matters the most these days – mobile handsets. The DoDots case study Tony Medrano is where you come to know about Dots and the man behind the concept – Anthony P Medrano. Medrano also tells you about the method for delivering internet content in the – this is contained in a DoDots patent Tony Medrano.

You may be wondering what Dots are. To keep the concept absolutely simple – Dots are applications that let you brand and package your online content and distribute it instantly. Packaging, branding and distributing online content has been traditionally done using the document-based model of the internet. However, this model needs to be scaled up because the speed of consumption of online content has increased multifold.

The most successful websites are the ones with the best content. When someone visits a website, they soak in the look and feel of the website within a few seconds. What keeps them moving to another website is the content. When the content is fresh and appealing, visitors tend to spend more time on a website. This in turn is favorably viewed by Google. The result? Such websites rank higher on the Google SERPs.

Today more people access the internet on their mobile handsets. This doesn’t mean the end of internet consumed on desktops but the shift is palpable. Hence, if you want your visitors to consume your online content, moving to mobile is the first thing on your agenda.

The DoDots case study Tony Medrano tells you everything you need to know about transferring your online content to mobile handsets. This case study gives you a detailed picture of Tony Medrano and the company he founded – DoDots.Inc.

This case study also details the difficulties faced by DoDots Inc. and how it turned itself around. DoDots has received two rounds of investments. The latest one was made by a host of big names in the investment world – SOFTBANK Venture Capital, Chase Capital Partners, Merrill Lynch and Staenberg Venture Partners II, LP. DoDots has also partnered with 2Roam to enhance its present capabilities.

The DoDots patent Tony Medrano details the apparatus and method for delivering internet content. The abstract of this invention mentions that it uses a computer readable memory so that a computer function can be directed in a specified manner.

The memory has a first executable module to identify a definition of a Network Information Monitors (NIMs). There is a second executable module that defines a NIM frame for another NIM that is using the definition. A third executable module that retrieves content from the NIM. A fourth and final executable module places the content in a NIM viewer defined by the frame. You also get to know the method of hosting Internet content and this includes the steps for receiving an address of a definition from a computing device.

Read how Tony Medrano has become a household name in the online content creator community. You would definitely want to do business with him.

Learn more about delivering internet content in the DoDots case study Tony Medrano and the DoDots patent Tony Medrano.


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