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Learn About the Reasons for Sibling Competitiveness

Posted by aaravrakhis in Shopping on August 7th, 2019


Sibling rivalry starts during childhood and might continue until the children become adults who can further affect their relationship in a negative manner. It is the duty of the parent to minimize the competition among the kids in terms of jealousy and treat them equally from the beginning so that no such thing exists between them.

Factors that can cause sibling rivalry:

  • The prime reason why children compete with each other is that they are trying to find their personality. And when they start discovering more about themselves, then they try to find their talents, activities, and interests. In this way, they try to show why they are better or different from their siblings. Pick up a rakhi gift hamper to treat your sibling on this coming festival.
  • When children feel they are not being treated equally in terms of the attention and responsiveness from the adults, they start building differences between them.
  • At times, elder children start feeling that their relationship with parents would destroy with the arrival of a new baby as the younger one is more likely to get attention and care.
  • Children who might be feeling hungry, bored, or tired are more likely to pick up fights with their siblings due to frustration and stress.
  • Children might pick fights to get the attention of their siblings instead of positive ways. In this way, they might even start bullying each other on several occasions.
  • Parents who do not stop their children from being aggressive with each other and more likely to push their children into a rivalry.
  • Spending less quality time with the family can be one of the reasons for developing rivalry among kids.
  • Parents who are stressed are likely to pay less attention to the kids who might increase sibling rivalry.
  • Children who feel stressed at a very young age and get frustrated easily with their siblings. Send Rakhi to India to your loved ones today!
  • The treatment that parents give to their children also raises a lot of conflicts and can make a big difference in the ways they get along.
  • To surprise your sibling this Rakhi, send out a Silver Rakhi to your sibling to sort out the differences. Opt for Rakhi Online Shopping India for quick purchase on Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts along with that.

Few signs of sibling rivalry in children:

If you notice a sudden change in the behavior of your kids and you find them fighting with their siblings, then it would be better to give them counseling. Here are a few signs that you must notice in the children:

  1. Getting violent on the younger child of the family
  2. Demanding you take away the baby from the house
  3. Constant attention seeking
  4. Indulging in fights both verbally and physically
  5. Showing frustration over the smallest things
  6. Telling negative things about each other
  7. Wetting the bed
  8. Talking like an immature
  9. Sucking thumb
  10. Throwing tantrums
  11. Competing for grades or friends
  12. Inappropriate behavior towards other people or pets.

If the parents feel that their children are getting into such rivalry, then they must try to confront them and sort out the differences. This is one of the biggest reasons for developing a sense of inequality. Send Rakhi to UK if your loved ones live outside to build up the differences.


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