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All You Need to Know About Wireless Fidelity

Posted by waterloowireless in Internet on August 6th, 2019

With every passing day, the digital world of wireless connection and artificial intelligence are developing rapidly. The WiFi connections that enable us to surf the internet hazel free is the modern version of ultimate blessing. The wireless fidelity allows the wireless unlimited high-speed internet services to access all the digital devices that support the radio transmission waves to perform their part. From a certain access point, the wifi can be used from a short or long distance depending on the strength of the connection. Also, the access can be secured with a password to stop public use of the connection. Versatility is the key character of the modern wireless internet service. Here is a detailed study to help you know better about Wi-Fi.




The wireless fidelity unlike that of the Ethernet uses the radio waves to perform its a role with the device connectivity. Most of us do not know that wifi is not internet access! The wifi is a simple device that itself connects to the router which provides the internet accessibility to the connected portable digital devices. The most used frequency range is 2.5ghz to 5 GHz. The higher the frequency, the shorter is its network strength. The open-air and the blocked locality buildings also alter the breadth of the wireless internet network, bringing it down to 3 to 10 meters. However, the open air and a strong signal can let one access the internet on wifi from a 10-meter distance as well and Unlimited High-Speed Internet Services are there to provide with the best.

 Versions of Wifi:

The very first wireless internet services stepped into existence in the year 1971 with the ALOHAnet. However, the network was simply enough to mark the footsteps of wireless network connectivity and nothing more. It was until the year 1997 that the wifi version of 802.11 was brought to existence. The speed was marked to 2 Mbit per second and with time the updated versions of the same started taking further steps. The current scenario of the wireless network standards helps to look at the fact of 15 Gbit of speed in a second. That's a huge transformation one must say! However, the research has a lot more to offer us in the upcoming decade with the help of Unlimited Home Internet Plans Ontario.


All the portable digital devices that afford the wifi connectivity feature can be connected to the wireless fidelity. Smartphones, laptops, computers, recorders, music systems and so many other devices can access the internet media with the help of unlimited home internet plan Ontario. Get access and enjoy the urban luxury of the internet and get connected with the whole world on a digital journey to the future.


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