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Things you needed to know about tandem walls

Posted by Adamslandscapesupply in Home on August 2nd, 2019

Tandem walls are in news presently for their aesthetic appeal. These walls are an instant method of incrementing the face value of a landscape.

Now, if you are hearing about Lafitt Tandem Wall and other such tandem walls for the first time, you might probably wish to know what they are.

So, here are some know-how about this wall for your reference. Watch out!
  • What a Tandem Wall is?

Ans.: A tandem wall is nothing but an artificial and additional installation in your property which looks like a real wall.

  • What is the most unique feature of these walls?

The most unique feature of these walls is their very natural appearance, Even if you have a concentrated glance at these walls, you will find that it resembles a stone wall in most cases.

However, sometimes additional embellishments like Platinum Stone Design  are also noticed in these walls.

  • What is the purpose of this wall in a property?

You can broadly conclude that this wall is supposed to demarcate a property.

But you have to additionally remember that tandem walls are not supposed to serve any heavyweight functions at all.

Thus, you can never expect that these walls will be able to serve as a replacement option for your foundation wall.

  • What are the basic uses of these tandem walls?

As already mentioned, the primary use of these walls is to protect your property and demarcate it from that of the others. Thus, in nutshell you can conclude that the purpose of these walls is to serve as a freestanding wall in between two properties.

  • What are various forms of tandem walls?

 Overall, the type of tandem walls remains the same. More specifically, tandem walls look like stone made traditional walls. They are of low to medium height boundary walls.

However, the only variation that you get in these walls is in their form. This means, you can get absolutely straight, curved as well as circular walls in this category so that your choice fits your purpose accurately.

Again, you can even get some variants as far as the aesthetics of these walls are concerned.  More precisely, the stony look of these walls comes in different textures, colours and styles. So, you can pick up the one that appeals to you the most.

  • How about the installation process of these walls?

Tandem walls need professional intervention during their installation. This means, you have to call in landscape experts who have experience in installing these walls accurately.

This also implies that if you are a novice in this task but have made any prior plans of installing tandem wall on your own then you have to reject it right away.



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