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DoDots Tony Medrano a success story

Posted by gabrielfulton in Internet on March 12th, 2018

Companies that receive financial boosts from the global investors are almost always seen favorably. These investments indicate that the market has hopes for these companies. DoDots Inc. which completed two rounds of investments from some of the leading global financers, has always looked ahead of its times. Read about DoDots Dani Apgar and DoDots Tony Medrano and you will know how the vision of a strong leadership team can change an entire company.

Tony Medrano is a Stanford MBA & JD and a Harvard BA. A former US naval officer, Tony is a hands-on growth-focused leader. He started his first apps company when in Stanford and grew it to more than 100 employees. He is an experienced sales, marketing and business development leader who has dealt in the domains of SaaS, PaaS, AdTech and internet.

Tony believes in creating strong, growth-oriented teams and he has worked to develop strategic partnerships and optimize service delivery to drive P&Ls for both top and bottom line gains. Read about DoDots Tony Medrano and you will learn how he led his team to generate million in investor lending.

DoDots Dani Apgar is from University of California, San Diego with and is HR certified. A Senior Director of DoDots Inc., she was also part of the team that raised million in funding. She is essentially an expert in internet marketing and works with some of the top internet, digital media and SaaS companies that operate out of Silicon Valley and Southern California.

As the Director of Legal Marketing Sales at, Dani works with legal associations and law firms to increase their client base. She has worked in Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich, and Cooley LLP, two large law firms. Insperity, a multi-billion-dollar SaaS, had her as a leading sales executive where she helped companies integrate SaaS to save on operations cost and boost revenues.

Tony and Dani are among the two members of the leadership team at DoDots Inc. Founded in 1999, the company had an initial difficult phase because of the investors being cautious about internet companies. However, the two rounds of funding and the partnership with 2Roam have propelled DoDots to the next level. The company has been able to scale up its present capabilities and adding value to the revenues of some of the best online companies of the world.

Dots have been conceptualized and delivered by DoDots Inc. Dots are applications that can be easily managed to brand, package and instantly deliver internet content. Thanks to the ease-of-use proposed by Dots, many online content creators have now found it easy to deploy their content to mobile devices.

DoDots Inc. under Tony Medrano and Dani Apgar and others is now geared up to play a critical role in the domain of online content. It is a company that focuses on content being transferred to the mobile handsets where most of the consumption now takes place. The outlook of the market about this company is highly bullish and things are looking bright ahead.

Know about the journey of DoDots Inc. under able leaders like DoDots Dani Apgar and DoDots Tony Medrano.


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