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SEO Tools for Better Performance of your Website

Posted by akashdeepsharma in Technology on August 1st, 2019

Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role in making or breaking the value of your website. By implementing correct SEO techniques, you can increase the quality of your site to provide a faster, user-friendly, and easy to navigate a website for your users. It is a set of rules used to improve the search engine rankings of a website. It is hard for any less-experienced developer to implement expert SEO techniques. That is why there are SEO tools available in the market to make a developer's life easier. Many WordPress site owners hire a WordPress developer to get a suitable tool to optimize and maximize their online presence. For your consideration, I have listed down some of the best SEO tools. First, let us look at the benefits which search engine optimization can bring to a website.

Benefits proposed by SEO:

-Mostly, search engine users tend to click on the first five suggestions in result pages. SEO helps your website to be in those top suggestions to generate more traffic for your website.

-It not only improves your online value but also provides a better user experience to your visitors.

-It also helps you to appear in top search results in trusted search engines which builds trust for your website in the eyes of a visitor.

-With having trust on your website, your website visitors will not hesitate to share your website with their social circle.

-It also cuts down the competition for your website. For instance, you and your competitor are selling the same product. Your search engine optimized website will likely get more visitors and appear in top results and organic ranking.

SEO Tools:

Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool

-It is the most recommended SEO tool.

-It is the second-largest website crawlers just after Google.

-Ahref's site audit is known as the best feature in the SEO tools available.

-It can suggest improvements for particular parts of your website to increase the website's organic ranking.

-You can also keep a check on your competitor's backlinks for reference.

SEMrush: Marketing Tool

-This top marketing SEO tool is favorite in the SEO community.

-One of the major features of this tool is domain vs domain analysis allowing you to compare your website with your competitors.

-It provides easy access to your ranking and also makes changes according to the new ranking opportunities.

-To understand the website's search data, traffic and other information about your competitors as well can help you compare the keywords and domains for better performance in search results.

-On-page SEO checker tool provides recommendations to improve the website's performance.

Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool

-It can help you monitor your website's presence on many search engines.

-It also provides a feature to generate a report of your web site's presence on search engines just by submitting your sitemap for indexing.

-It allows controlling what gets indexed even without having an account on search console by google.

-It allows you to see how a user sees your website so that you can optimize your site better in google search results.

Moz: SEO Software

-One of the best SEO tools that are used by expert SEOs.

-A powerful tool for keyword recommendations.

-Some like it because it stays up to date irrespective of google algorithm patterns. Whereas some like it for its chat portal which helps them to keep a check on the insights of every question asked.

Wrap up

With this, I wrap up my discussion about some of the best SEO tools available in the market. You can choose any of these to bring up the best to your website. These tools, alone will not help you achieve your prerequisites you have to work on your content as well. You have to make your content more SEO-friendly to generate more traffic to your website. In case you have your site build in WordPress, you can hire a WordPress developer to get help in choosing SEO tools for your site. Just follow the suggestions they provide and you can skyrocket the performance of your website in no time. Take a step forward and reap the benefits.


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