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Rakhi Trends You Need to Know About

Posted by Mahaveer Singh in Shopping on July 29th, 2019

Rakhi has always been a tradition which we cherish and treasure since childhood. This festival is the reminder of the love and protection which surround us in the form of our sister, brothers, and brother like figures. This festival which is always celebrated with a huge uproar throughout the Indian continent is one of those long-held traditions which is celebrated despite religious connotations and preaches the message of brotherhood and unity. Dating back to the Mahabharata age which started as Draupadi’s saree strip, Rakhi traditions have undergone some serious changes including online rakhi which can be delivered overseas and vice versa. However, as this tradition causes such a buzz, it’s always better that you keep abreast of all these rakhi trends and incorporate them in your celebrations.


PUBG Rakhi


While most teenagers don’t bother with tradition and spend their heads glued to a mobile phone or a video game, a PUBG rakhi will surely hold their attention like no other. These personalized rakhis are supposedly inspired from this infamous game containing metal pendants which have the acronym inscribed on it. A personalized rakhi is supposed to be special as it will garner the attention of your brother no matter what his age as games like PUBG brings out the child in him, and this rakhi will relay his impressive skills and PUBG fanaticism.


Rakhi Cards


Your usual greeting process with your brother may include anything from high-five, a bear hug and even a kiss on the cheek, however, when you are away from him all these options don’t bear well. Hence, what better way to greet your brother from afar than a greeting card? Although, a little cliché, sending a greeting card to your brother will surprise him. Inspired by the rakhi fever, rakhi cards are circulated quite normally. These beautiful art pieces are adorned with a rakhi stuck to it, thus, you can not only have your rakhi sent online but also write a heartfelt message for your brother in it.


Lumba Rakhi/Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi


Borrowed from the Marwari tradition of Rajasthan that involves a sister tying the rakhi around the brother’s wife, this new trend is quickly catching strides. With colorful decorative pieces that include mirror work, intricate embroidery, beads, and semi-precious gems, a Lumba rakhi is like a pretty bracelet your sister in law would love to have. Besides the aesthetic appeal, a Lumba rakhi has symbolic meaning attached to it as you welcome your sister in law into your family as an honorary member and also as your brother’s consort. With impossibly long ends, these rakhis are also called bhaiya-bhabhi rakhi which comes in pairs and specifically designed for your brother and his wife.


Online Rakhi gifts


The tradition of rakhi has taken a turn for the good where neither distance nor time or any other constraint can keep you from showing your love to your brother or sister. To make the most of this day, you can now have online gifting websites to assist you in sending rakhi gifts to your brother. From the traditional rakhi bands to a trendy combination of gifts, all these items are at your disposal to buy and have them delivered to your loved one’s doorstep.


Personalized Rakhi


When it comes to showing love to your brother we often fall short of words, therefore, we need to let our gift do the talking and what’s better than a personalized rakhi that is a message in its own? This rakhi is supposed to contain your picture or that of your loved as a constant reminder of the love that surrounds you. Also, you can get pictures customized in fidget spinner rakhis or even normal rakhis and make your brother's day with this unique rakhi.


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