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Why your rabbit should be fed Timothy Hay

Posted by gabrielfulton in Food on March 11th, 2018

Ideal diets for rabbits and other small pets are available from leading manufacturers that are high on fibre, low in protein and low in calcium. Timothy Hay has been developed after considering the nutritional requirements of rabbits and Guinea Pigs so that they get the right amount of protein, fibre, fat, vitamins and minerals. Online stores not only sell food for your pet but Rabbit hutch for them as well.

There is something unique about metabolism of calcium in rabbits. They are great in absorbing calcium and also leave surplus calcium in their urine. Due to this, they are more prone to get urinary stones if calcium in their diet is too high. Timothy Hayis extremely good in this respect. This formula helps in maintaining their good health in the long run and increases their lifespan. It also prevents obesity. As the food is high in fibre, it reduces the chances of soft stools, bloating and intestinal. Its fragrance and flavour is also liked by the rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas.

This packaged food also encourages your rabbit’s natural instinct to chew continuously that preventstheir teeth problems and molar spurs. You can use the feed in several ways. Often you will find rabbit hutch that comes with metal tray in which you can put the feed. Just make sure that small rabbits do not lodge themselves inside the feeder. Then there are hay manger or hay roller toys available that can be placed inside the hutch to make the feeding process interesting for the pet.

You can also put a layer of hay on the floor of the hutch that will also mimic their natural feeding environment. There are some interesting designs available for hutches and you can always find the right size once you research online.A small rabbit hutch that can accommodate three to six rabbits is available at less than 0. Made ofnatural wood this single-level hutchcomes with waterproof asphalt roof and can be opened easily to clean the interior. The place is cosy and comfortable for the pet too.

Twin level barn house style hutch can be bought under 0. A pair of rabbits can be housed comfortably in this. The bottom level can be used to put the grass for feeding the rabbit. There will be multiple doors on both the levels so that you can take out the rabbits easily.

If you do not have enough space indoor or outdoor you can always buy a hutch made of plastic. These come in easy, fuss-free design and occupy very less space. Not only that, these hutches are lightweight and easy to handle. It has designated place for placing food bowl, water drinker and a hay manger. The space inside is enough for two to three rabbits. The interior can be cleaned easily because of the litter tray. It has rollers fitted on its legs and therefore can be moved easily from one place to another. The advantage of using an online store for your pet supply shopping is you can go through the entire range of products and choose the right one without getting confused and wasting time.

A good Rabbit hutch and well-balanced Timothy Hay are available in online stores.


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